A new house suddenly appears at the end of the road and Adrienne is the only one that seems to notice. She also can't remember the inhabitants, Grayson and his brother Lonzac who is too good to be true and wants Adrienne to go away with him. But where?
What follows is an adventure that is literally out of this world.


8. Chapter Eight

Not long after that I did something I never thought I would do. I snuck out my bedroom window. It was something Shelly did a lot, so I knew from her the best way to do it. Fortunately the drainpipe didn’t break as I slithered down it and I landed safely on the ground below.

The street was quiet as I walked to Lonzac’s house, and not knowing if he or Grayson would be awake yet I went and sat in the back garden, on the wooden deck.



Lonzac found me there half an hour later. “Adrienne,” he said sounding alarmed as he sat down beside me. “What’s wrong?”

Wiping away my tears I told him about my encounter with Mum in the kitchen.

Lonzac drew me into his arms. “I’m sorry, Adrienne.”

“I just don’t understand why she told Shelly and not me.” Resting my head on his chest I felt instantly better the moment I was in his arms. Lonzac’s touch made my skin tingle in pleasure as he stroked my arm.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” said Lonzac after a while.

He led me to the living room. Grayson was no where to be seen and we took a seat on the sofa. Pulling me back into his arms, Lonzac kissed my head and I found myself curling up against him. After a while my eyes drifted shut.



“What do you mean it's Monday? I can't have been asleep for that long!”

I had woken up barely five minutes before in a spare bedroom in Lonzac's house. Disorientated I had made my way downstairs to find Lonzac sitting on the sofa in the living room surrounded by boxes. He had torn his gaze from the TV and moved it to me.

“Good evening, Adrienne.” Lonzac had smiled.

Rubbing my eyes I had tried to ignore the stirrings of my heart that his smile had caused. “Uh, what time is it? I'm so sorry that I fell asleep. I hadn't meant to.”

“You were asleep for a long time. It's Monday evening.”

Returning to the present my mind was reeling. I was moving to Australia the next day.

“Why didn't you wake me?” I demanded, unable to comprehend that I had been asleep for that long.

Smiling sheepishly, I said, “You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you.”

“Lonzac!” I cried in exasperation. “I missed my precious last few days at home! There was so much that I wanted to do.”

“Like what?” he asked curiously.

I opened my mouth but then closed it. I had actually been planning on spending most of my time with Lonzac. I'd kind of been hoping that we would finally get to kiss before I left.

“Um, you know, just stuff,” I muttered, aware that I was blushing. “Anyway, you should have woken me. Now it's too late.”

Lonzac tilted his head his silver eyes fixed on me but said nothing.

“I should go. Mum's probably been going crazy.”

Shaking his head, he said, “I told her that you were here.”

“Oh, thanks. I'm gonna go now.”

Lonzac stood up and walked with me to the front door. “Promise me that you will come and see me tomorrow before you leave.”

My heart dropped like a lead balloon at the thought of saying goodbye to him. “Yeah, of course I will.” I looked at my feet so that Lonzac wouldn't see the tears in my eyes. “Have a good evening.”

Stepping out into the night I hurried home. Mum yanked me into her arms as soon as I entered the house.

“I'm sorry I was gone so long,” I wheezed, the breath squeezed out of my lungs by the force of Mum's hug.

Releasing me she gave me a sad smile and brushed the hair from my face. “That's alright, sweetheart. You care for him, don't you?”

“Who?” I asked, wondering if she meant Lonzac or Grayson.


I nodded and Mum pulled me into another hug.

“I'm sorry I'm taking you away from here, from him,” she said quietly, sounding upset.

“That's okay,” I murmured. “I know you're just doing what you think is best.”

She gazed at me with a mixture of concern and intrigue. “Have you two . . . are you physically intimate?”

“What? No!” Laughing shakily, I replied, “Mum we haven't even kissed.”

Looking slightly relieved, Mum said, “It's just that he's a bit older than you and I thought that maybe. . .”

“No, no, no, it's not like that.”

She nodded. “Okay, well you better go to bed because we need to get up early to catch our flight. Since you weren't here I packed your suitcase. I set an outfit out for tomorrow.”

“Thanks Mum. Goodnight.” Kissing her cheek I went upstairs.

I rang Dionne's home number but no one answered. She had caller ID.

The removal men had come while I had been gone so my room, and the whole of the house, were practically empty. It was an odd feeling lying on the floor in a sleeping bag knowing that in a day’s time I would be half way around the world.



I didn't sleep at all that night. I spent the whole time thinking about Lonzac. I tried to think about other things, I really did, but I kept on seeing his perfect smile and his silver eyes. I didn't know how he made me feel the way he did. I barely knew anything about him and yet that didn’t matter, except the fact that I still couldn't remember meeting him or Grayson. I was still so certain that their house had appeared from no where, but that didn't make sense. They couldn't have just dropped out of the sky.



The sun had just started rising when I got up. I dressed silently in jeans, a chequered shirt and Converse, before going downstairs. Mum and Shelly were in their rooms, making sure that they had everything. I found myself opening the front door and going outside. The streetlights were still on, but the hint of orange light just peeking over the houses in the estate told me that day was coming. It was chilly and there was a slight breeze but I took no notice. My eyes were fixed on Lonzac who was stood waiting in the street, as if he had known that I was coming. Stopping mere inches away from him I met his gaze. I started crying. I couldn't stop.

“Hush,” said Lonzac drawing me into his arms.

I clung to him, not wanting to be anywhere but at his side. “I don't want to go. I don't want to leave you.”

Lifting my chin with a warm finger he smiled at me. His silver eyes danced in the light cast by the rising sun.

I felt that if I said goodbye to Lonzac that I would cease to exist. I couldn't leave him. I couldn't.

“Come with me, Adrienne,” he said, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

Warmth radiated from Lonzac and I closed my eyes.

He pressed his lips to my ear. “This doesn't have to be goodbye. Come with me.”

Opening my eyes I found Lonzac’s face close to mine. So close that our noses were touching. A shiver of pleasure rippled through me. My heart was beating fast within my chest. Lonzac wanted me. We could be together.


The word had barely left my mouth before Lonzac kissed me. I felt it in every cell of my body. Warmth spread through me, caused by the kiss and the sunlight that was now falling on us. The necklace grew hot around my neck and I wrapped my arms around Lonzac, so happy that I thought I might burst. It was magical. So magical that I didn't want it to end, but it did. Lonzac pulled away and I rested my head on his shoulder, breathing heavily.

“Come,” he said, putting an arm around my waist and leading me to his house.

Dazed from his kiss I followed him blindly, even when we went down to the basement. There were flashing lights and consoles but I still wasn't quite myself yet. After sitting me down in a seat, Lonzac moved over to Grayson who was seated next to a console. Slowly becoming more aware of my surroundings I grew confused. This wasn't an ordinary basement. If anything, it looked like a spaceship what with all the consoles.

“What's happening?” I asked, slowly rising from my seat.

“Strap her in,” said Lonzac to Grayson, not even sparing me a glance.

Grayson gently made me sit back down before securing me in the seat with what looked like a complicated seatbelt.

I was started to become worried. “Let me go. I don't understand.”

“Everything will be fine,” Grayson told me in what was supposed to be a reassuring voice. It only made me feel more uneasy.

Watching as he joined Lonzac at the main control panel where there were two seats, I heard them exchange a few words in a language that definitely wasn't English. They flicked buttons and turned switches from where they were sat. All of a sudden there was a roaring sound as a giant engine burst to life. Sunlight filled the room and panic rose within me. What was happening?

“Everything ready?” asked Lonzac.

“Yes, sir.”

Since when did Grayson call Lonzac sir?

The sunlight was coming from a huge window above where they were sat. It reminded me of a cockpit. I wasn't actually in a spaceship was I? Maybe I was in a high-tech plane or something. Through the window I could see houses, including my own. Thoughts of Mum and Shelly filled my mind. They would be looking for me.

Trying to escape from my seat I cried, “Let me go! I can't leave Mum and Shelly!”

Whatever we were in started rising in the sky and tears fell from my eyes as my desperation increased. Eventually I managed to undo the seatbelt and I got to my feet. I stumbled when with a sudden burst of speed, the vehicle, whatever it was, burst forwards. I was flung against a side window and I watched in horror as we left my home behind.

“No!” I screamed, pounding on the window. “Take me back!”

The estate became the size of an ant, and then seconds later so was England.

“No! You can't do this!”

Sighing, Lonzac said, “Quieten her down.”

I was sobbing by the time we had flown through the atmosphere and out into space. I would have marvelled at the sight of the Earth if Grayson hadn't pulled me away from the window in a powerful grip. He tried to sit me back down but I resisted, hysterical and telling him over and over to take me back.

“Jab her,” Lonzac ordered.

Struggling against Grayson, I scratched and clawed at him without any effect. There was a stinging sensation in my arm and then there was only darkness.

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