Jess and Her Adventures

Jess leaves home with her best friend, Katie. They plan to go all over the world to find Jess's parents who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. Her uncle says he knows nothing but Jess thinks differently. She has her suspicions of what is going on and her curiousity might get her into some trouble...


1. The Start

Jess was sitting on the sofa in her room drinking Iced Tea. Wow how she loved that stuff. Her eyes started watering because she was reminded that it was her mum’s favourite drink as well. While she was drinking she was looking at some old family photos. One of them was from when she went to a theme park in London with her mum. They were so happy at that moment. Jess was sure that nothing could ruin that, but something did.

  Jess and her mum were having a girls day but they decided not to go shopping but to a theme park. They had been planning it for ages and Jess was ecstatic - especially the night before. When Jess woke up in the morning she was too excited to even eat breakfast. Jess could tell that something was bothering her mum but she decided against asking what was wrong. Instead Jess asked her mum if she was excited about the day ahead. Of course her mum said she was but she said it with fake enthusiasm. Something must have really been bothering her. Jess thought that maybe she was worried about taking her to a big theme park. They drove to the park in silence. She could see that her mum was chewing her lip which Jess knew from past experiences, meant she was really worried or nervous. When they pulled up in the car park Jess forgot about it because she had seen the rides. They wondered around and tried to find a ride that didn’t have a massive queue; they finally found one. This ride had an age limit though and her mum was too old. Jess was a bit worried about going on a ride without her mum but her mum wasn’t really that bothered and encouraged her to get on.  Jess’s mum said that she would stay on the bench right next to the exit of the ride. It was also the bench they had just eaten lunch on so Jess was familiar with the location. Jess’s mum sat on the bench while Jess queued. Her mum was still on the bench when Jess got on the ride. When she got on the ride Jess could no longer see her mum because there was a sign in the way.

The ride was so fun that she forgot all about the fact that she was on the roller coaster on her own. It was exhilarating - there was loop after loop and the rest of the people were screaming their heads off (not literally) but Jess was just laughing. After she got off she thanked the attendant who supervised the ride for making it so fun. She walked in the direction of the bench that her mum should have been waiting on; only her mum wasn’t there. Jess quickly scanned the crowd; she couldn’t see her anywhere. Her mum was nowhere to be seen.

There was a man wearing a black suit and dark glasses to match. Jess thought he looked quite suspicious because it wasn’t the kind of thing you wore to a theme park. She forgot about him though because she never thought he could be anything to do with her mum's weird disappearance. She should have looked more carefully because she might have recognised the person under the glasses. Jess sat on the bench and waited for ten minutes just in case her mum had been to the toilet; her mum never came. Jess rang her mobile. The next second she heard her mum's phone ringing. It came from under the bench; she looked under the bench and found her mum’s purple handbag. Her phone was still in it. Jess ran around the whole park twice screaming her mum’s name franticly. She was terrified and in tears. She was desperate to find her mum. People were starting to stare at her. Jess could feel people’s eyes glued to her back. She went back to the car park to see if her mum was there. Her mum wasn’t next to their car or next to any of them. There was the man in the black suit again. He was getting into a black car with tinted windows. Jess guessed that the person inside the car really didn’t want anyone knowing it was them in there. As the car drove away Jess spotted a sticker that said ‘Bullet Proof’. Why would you want Bullet-proof windows unless you are really important and need protecting? Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She decided that she would call her dad so he could tell her where her mum was or he could at least come and pick her up. He was at work at that time anyway so she knew where he was.

 Jess rang his number and the phone told her to leave a message. She called again and her dad answered this time “Hello, what is wrong Jess?” Jess was relieved to hear his voice. “Dad, I can’t find mum. I have searched the whole theme park twice” she said.

“That’s a bit weird, where could she have gone? I’ll come pick you up now stay where you... Ahhhh, leave me alone.” Then the phone went dead. Jess started to get really worried. ‘Why was her dad shouting for someone to leave him alone?’ she thought. There were so many questions. ‘Where is he? Where are my parents? Where have they gone?’ Luckily Jess had her Uncle Fred’s number on her phone so she rang him. Maybe he could give her some answers. Before Jess could even say anything to her Uncle he asked her where she was and then said to stay there because he was coming to get her. Soon he picked her up in his posh Rolls Royce. He took Jess to his house which he shared with his wife, Jess’s auntie. They had gone to collect Jess’s brother and sister who were at school and Jess after. That day was the last day Jess saw her mum and dad. Her Uncle Fred said that her parents would be back soon but he didn’t sound so sure. He was fighting tears as he said that. He also told Jess that he didn’t know anything about their disappearance but Jess knew it was a lie, he may have thought that she was young and stupid but Jess had never stupid, she was very smart. Jess planned to find out what really happened that day.

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