Jess and Her Adventures

Jess leaves home with her best friend, Katie. They plan to go all over the world to find Jess's parents who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. Her uncle says he knows nothing but Jess thinks differently. She has her suspicions of what is going on and her curiousity might get her into some trouble...


3. scotland

22nd March 1997

1:00 pm

I have just entered Scotland with my hand in my friend’s hand. My friend is called Katie, Katie is my best friend. We are going to Scotland to look for my missing parents and to visit Katie’s relatives. We brought a bit of money so we might make this mission a bit of a shopping trip as well. We are heading to Princes Street, Edinburgh. I hear that they have good shops there.


1:30 pm

Only a few more minutes on the train then I can get off and step into Edinburgh. So excited!


I have just stepped into Edinburgh. Wow it’s so cold. There is snow settling on the ground. Is that good or bad? Katie and I have just spotted a taxi. Need to get in it fast.


The taxi driver nearly had a laughing fit when we said we wanted to get to Princes Street. We thought that was really rude so we went and got in another taxi. That driver was a lot more kind, he was very polite and said he didn’t normally go that far but he took us anyway. I like people like him. They make an effort to be nice to people. I bet that guy has lots of friends.


We have just arrived at Katie’s grandma’s house and all of Katie’s other relatives who live in Scotland are over at her house. (Which is quite a few, the house is packed there is like no room to move around properly - Unless you go upstairs.)They are all her to wish me and Katie good luck on our travels. How sweet.


Wow no-one knows how to throw a better party than the Scottish. I am so tired. I wonder what Katie and I will do in the morning. (When we wake up because it is already the morning). Well I like surprises so let’s leave it at that. This is the start of my travels. I wonder what is in store for me now.

Jess got into her makeshift bed, which was a mattress on the floor in the lounge, she laid her head down, closed her eyes and fell asleep almost straight away but do you know what her last thought was? “This is the start, the real start of my adventures! No one can stop me now!”

Jess was in Jamaica and there was a hissing sound coming from under her bed, it was a snake, she woke up Katie and she screamed which got the snake angry. It rose up from under Jess's bed and hissed again. Jess sneaked a closer look at the snake it was a Jamaican Boa. She wouldn’t have known it was if she hadn’t been reading all about protected snake species the night before. Katie stopped screaming but she was hyperventilating. The snake slithered towards her, she let out one more scream and then it lunged at her it bit her arm. Jess picked up the phone that was next to her bed. Jess dialled 999;it didn’t make a sound. The number was for the English emergency help not Jamaican. Jess didn’t know the Jamaican emergency number. She didn’t know how to help Katie.

Jess woke up screaming. Katie got out of her bed to come and see if she was okay. Jess said she had a nightmare. Katie asked her what about so Jess told her. Katie thought it was sweet that Jess was dreaming about her. Jess blushed and said that she didn’t choose what she dreamt about and Katie laughed. Jess suggested that they got up and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. They both had some stale bread for breakfast. There was nothing left from the night before. All the visitors cleared out all the food apart from one loaf of stale bread. Jess told Katie that they would have to notify her grandma that they were completely out of food.

About eleven Katie’s grandma came downs stairs with some of Katie’s relatives. They were all dressed and had parcels. They asked them both to come sit in the lounge with them so they could give them some presents. They even brought Jess some which was really kind. They got Jess and Katie both some awesome jumpers and then they bought them a laptop to share so that they could communicate when they wanted. They each got a stripy scarf they were different colours (so you could tell them apart). The last present was from Katie’s uncle, he had given them a key to his French château - he was a very rich man and owned a few yachts and houses in different places of the world. Katie’s uncle said that because he hadn’t seen Katie for such a long while and that he had forgotten past birthdays of hers that he was going to give the girls one thousand pounds to share. He wished them both good luck on their travels, then kissed them both on each cheek and said to take care. He had to run up the stairs to pack his bag to go back to Yorkshire – where he lives – he woke up late so he was going to miss his train if he didn’t hurry.

23rd March 1997

Katie and I woke up at eight which we were surprised at because we did stay up quite late. When Katie’s relatives who stayed the night came down this morning and it was eleven! When they came down they gave us some presents, we got:

A jumper – each

A stripy scarf – each

A laptop – to share

A key to Katie’s uncle’s chateau in France – to share

One thousand pounds – to share

Katie thinks that we should go shopping for some nice clothes that are suitable for really hot weather. Katie said that Princes street is really close by and that it is like the Scottish equivalent of Oxford street. We have decided to stay for a week and then go to France. Pacifically to Normandy which is where it is. My Uncle said he remembered my parents talking about something to do with their job being there.

Katie and Jess walked down Princes Street and went into a posh shoe shop for some shoes, they got a really great bargain in there and got some really nice flip flops with hibiscus flowers on, they were amazing. They then had a trip to Bookworld where they bought a few cheap books each so they wouldn’t get bored in any spare time. So Jess and Katie wouldn’t have to carry them around with them they decided that when they had read them all we would give them to charity. Before Jess left she promised Tom that she would get him a souvenir from each country that they went to even if he had been there himself. Jess and Katie found a little stall outside a shop that was selling Scottish souvenirs. In the end Jess bought a fridge magnet that looked like bagpipes and it played Scotland the Brave. Jess just knew he would love it. They were in Scotland but they couldn’t find a single Scottish shop that sold decent clothes for hot weather so they just went into H&M. In there they bought about three outfits each. Jess and Katie came at the right time because there was a half price sale throughout the whole shop. When the pair got hungry they went to Burger King because they were short of money (of course they didn’t bring the whole of the one thousand more like fifty pounds). They went home as they felt tired. They also felt like they were being watched, never a good feeling!

When Katie and I were shopping today down Princes Street we felt like we were being watched. There was also a guy who had a really shaggy beard that was always near us and in the same shop. I’m not sure what we should do about it but I am willing to forget the whole thing. It seems like a good idea because if I think about it too much then it might ruin the happy mood Katie and I both seem to be in non-stop. There was something about him though, he looked so familiar but he wasn't someone I knew. Possibly he was one of my parents's friends that I had seen. Oh I don't really care, do I? I need to stop worrying.

Katie and I will set off from the Edinburgh airport one day from now. Our next stop is France. We are going to try and persuade the prisons to tell us anything they might know about my parents. Hopefully they know something or maybe they can search all the prisons in the world for the names of my parents. Katie and I are planning to make this a sort of holiday so we don’t get bored. We are going to mount blanc and St Tropez. There are some other stops we are going to make but they aren’t quite decided yet. I have a driving licence so I can rent a car so we can drive to places we want to go. We are going to stay in Katie’s uncle’s chateau which is in Normandy for a few days as well. I have just had the best idea we could camp to save money. I love camping and so does Katie. We just have to buy a tent if we do that. I am so glad that Katie and I decided to go travelling and to look for my parents. We are going to find out lots about my parents, I hope. I really hope by the end of this trip we will have found out something about their disappearance.

Oh well no point worrying about that now. I’m off to bed now. I’m so tired. Only one more day left in Scotland! Better make the most of it!

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