Jess and Her Adventures

Jess leaves home with her best friend, Katie. They plan to go all over the world to find Jess's parents who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. Her uncle says he knows nothing but Jess thinks differently. She has her suspicions of what is going on and her curiousity might get her into some trouble...


2. off on an adventure

After her parents disappeared she lived with her Uncle Fred, Aunt Clara, her brother tom and little sister Sonny. Tom was eleven when their parents disappeared and Sonny was three. Sonny has never been able to remember anything of their parents, so to her their uncle and aunt have been like her parents. Jess and her parents were always really close. At the weekends Jess would always go out to do the shopping with her mother. Tom never wanted to do it because he couldn’t bare helping with things. Tom once got grounded because he got a detention for not helping clear up in class.

It was 1997, Jess was seventeen and was living with her Uncle Fred and his wife, Clara. Jess's uncle was a wealthy man. He sold really expensive Yachts for a living. He had three beautiful houses in places all over the world, all of them very expensive and big. At that time they all lived in a massive, gorgeous Villa on Branscombe Bay Lane that led down to Branscombe Bay, so they practically lived on the beach. The house they were living in was painted white on the outside and was mostly painted cream or lilac in the inside (Jess's aunt’s two favourite colours). Her Uncle and Aunt were very jolly people and kind as well. They sent the children to private schools and gave them anything needed or wanted but without spoiling them. They took them to different places over the world on holidays and were let on every school trip. Jess went to Spain and France on a trip with one of her schools. They also took them to their other houses in Barcelona and the Caribbean. Whenever one of them had a birthday they were allowed a party and every time it was great fun for everyone involved.

One day when it was Tom’s birthday he had a party with all his friends. They were having a sleepover so Jess asked her Uncle Fred if she could invite Katie, her best friend. He agreed and Katie was very excited; she talked to Jess for hours saying how fun it was going to be. When it came to the actual night of the sleepover Katie came over at 5 o’clock.  Her and Jess set out their sleeping bags and when they were both settled Jess asked Katie a question that question started their adventure.

Jess asked Katie if she wanted to help her look for her parents. Katie said yes and they were chatting about it for the whole night. By morning they had planned everything. All they had to was ask permission from their guardians. Jess ran to her Uncle and Aunt and asked them if she could go looking around the world for her parents, she explained that she wanted to find them and nothing was going to change her mind. They asked Jess if she was sure about it and Jess just nodded enthusiasticly. Her Aunt and Uncle took a whole week to decide if she could go. In the end they said yes. As for Katie’s parents they couldn’t be more happy that she was going somewhere other than their house;they didn’t have a very good relationship with Katie.  Jess's uncle said that she could leave on her eighteenth birthday which was two months away.

 Katie and Jess spent the next two months planning flights around the world. They decided that they were going to go to Scotland first because Katie had relatives over there. They were going to go on a train to Edinburgh which was where Katie’s Grandma lived. Tom was exceptionally kind to Jess those two months. He had a real soft spot for her, this was proved because, one night about a week before Jess left he started crying in the night. He said he had a nightmare where Jess had died on her travels. Jess nearly cried then because she never knew he thought so much of her.

When Jess was two days away from leaving her Uncle said he wanted to speak to her in private. Jess got really worried that he was going to cancel the trip because he had a bad feeling. She had nothing to worry about though because her Uncle just gave her his spare keys to his two houses in Barcelona and the Caribbean. He said they could go there and phone whoever they felt they needed to. He said they could both stay at both of his houses for as long as they liked. Jess hugged her Uncle hard and told him that she was really going to miss him.

When it was finally time for Jess and Katie to set off on their travels they got up at three o’clock in the morning and got everything out of their suitcases to check they had all that they needed. They then put their bags in Jess's Uncle’s Rolls Royce and got in with Tom, Sonny and their Auntie. They were in silence all the way until Jess and Katie had got their train tickets and started to say goodbye. There was an awful lot of crying from everyone and Sonny was screaming loud, really loud. Jess and Katie all hugged everyone very tightly and kissed everyone on the cheeks. When Jess's Auntie gave Jess a hug she shoved a beautiful empty notebook into one of Jess’s hands and into the other she put a fountain pen. She whispered into Jess’s ear, “Keep a diary in here, love, then, when you get back everyone can read it to find out what you have been up to. Try to do it as often as you can. If you go somewhere there is internet connection then, send us an email to tell us how you are doing. I will miss you lots, really I will.” Jess's aunt started weeping and Jess said

“I will miss you all and you might miss me but don’t cry, please, it will only make this harder. I love you all loads remember that. Goodbye, I will keep in touch don’t worry.” Jess waved then stepped onto the train that had just pulled up in the station. Katie followed and closed the door behind her and said “This is the start of our travels! YEY!” The expression on her face changed to confused when she saw Jess had something in her hand “What is that you are holding?” Jess looked at her and said “A notebook from my Auntie, she said to keep a diary in it.” Jess looked out the window of the train carriage and saw her Uncle and Aunt waving frantically and pointing at her and Katie’s luggage. Jess jumped out of the train to get their luggage. Jess said thank you to her Uncle and Aunt and hugged them one last time. Uncle Fred rammed a package into Jess’s hand and then she turned around and faced the train; Jess saw the train was moving very slowly. She ran to the door and then it started moving faster. She ran with it and just managed to open the train door before it was going too fast. She had only just made it onto the train in time. She was really lucky she didn’t miss it. That would of been really bad luck!


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