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Portal Keepers Book 1.
A job at a café for the Undead, a ghost best friend, and an annoying handsome vampire protector. Danira has it all.

Danira isn't your average girl. For generations her family has looked after the portal that links the Realm of the Undead to the Realm of the Living, by running a cafe for the Undead that are travelling through the portal. Then news reaches Danira and her parents that the Vampire Lords want to take over control of the portal and wreak havock amoung the Realm of the Living.
An adventure of hot vampires, zombies, ghosts, mummies, and life-threatening danger is thrust upon Danira, and she must try her best to protect the Realm of the Living, by preventing the Vampire Lords from obtaining the Infinity Blade, which has the power to change the portal. As well as saving her world can Danira resist the dashing vampires that cross her path? Some are more dangerous than others.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


26. Through the Sewers


“Uh this is disgusting!” I cried as I tried not to step in anything particularly foul looking.

“Just be grateful that you don’t have enhanced senses like we do.” Ridge said from behind me.

I clamped my hand over my nose. “I can still smell it though. Why do we have to use the sewers anyway?”

Jet was ahead of me, and answered. “You’re a human. As soon as we had set foot through the gate to the lower town everyone would have known what you are.”

If only I hadn't lost that enchanted bracelet. I scowled but said nothing. Sometimes it sucked being human.

The sewers around us were made of slime covered stone. The only light was from the torch I was carrying, seeing as how I was the only one that needed light to see where I was going. There was a squelch as my boot sunk down into what I hoped was just mud. I tried to pull it out but it wouldn’t budge.

“I’m stuck.” I said, shining the torch on my boot which was now hidden all the way to the top in the muddy substance.

“I will scout ahead.” Jet called back.

Ridge wordlessly put an arm around me so that I wouldn’t fall and pulled my leg.

Meanwhile I was mumbling to myself. “First the boat trip and now this...”

The crossing had been so rough that I had thrown up practically everything I had eaten back at Jet’s house over the side of the boat. Then I had been forced to cling onto Ridge’s back while he ran from the riverbank to the Castle wall, which had nearly made me throw up all over again.

My boot came loose catching both myself and Ridge by surprise, resulting in my face nearly landing in the mud that my boot had just been in. Fortunately Ridge caught me in time.

“I’m sorry.” he said as he helped me stand back up. “Are you alright?”

I laughed relieved that I hadn’t just had a mud bath. “That was close.” I leaned against him, momentarily forgetting that I was supposed to be mad with him.

Ridge smiled a mind-numbing smile.

“Come on you two, not far now.” Jet’s voice echoed from ahead of us in the sewers.

I blushed and Ridge took my free hand before I could object.

“Come on.”

As Ridge pulled me along the sewers I asked. “So what is this sewage then? I mean, ‘cos the Undead don’t you know.”

He gave me a small smile before saying. “It’s all the rubbish from the inhabitants of the Castle. They just throw all the stuff they no longer want down here, furniture, anything. Over time it has decomposed.”

We soon caught up with Jet who was stood beside a rusted metal ladder that led up to a drain cover. Jet’s eyes fell onto Ridge and mine’s joined hands, which quickly separated under his scrutinising gaze. Surprisingly Ridge seemed embarrassed. I had assumed that Jet would be in on his plan to mess with me, but it didn’t look like it.

“This leads up to an abandoned part of the Castle. I’ll go up first.”

I watched in awe as Jet practically glided up the steps of the ladder and slowly opened the drain cover before jumping out. The drain cover dropped back down plunging the sewers into darkness apart from my torch. I was largely aware of my breathing, which seemed too loud.

Ridge was beside me. He reached out and touched my arm. “Are you ok?”

I nodded, grasping the torch tightly.

Grey light flooded into the sewers and Jet’s head appeared. “It’s all clear.”

“You go up first.” Ridge told me.

I let out an unladylike snort. “Yeah right, meaning you would get a great view up my dress. I don’t think so. You guys are all the same.”

He sighed but I could see that he was trying not to smile. In the blink of an eye Ridge had climbed the ladder and was up at the top. Then it was my turn. I slowly made my way up the steps, at what seemed like a snails pace compared to Ridge and Jet’s speed. When I reached the top Jet and Ridge both reached down to pull me up, and their combined strength was more than enough to yank me out of the sewers. In fact it made me land on both of them seeing as how they had been lying on the ground. Falling on Ridge and Jet was like slamming into concrete, so it’s no wonder that my breath was knocked out of me. I rolled off the two vampires and wheezed for air.

Jet stood up and dragged the drain cover back into place while Ridge knelt beside me.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?”

Wincing I sat myself up wheezing. “It was like being smashed onto the pavement.”

Jet’s laugh was a deep booming sound and made me jump. “You haven’t broken any bones have you?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, I don’t think so.” I replied, not sure if he was being serious or not.

When my breathing had returned to normal Ridge helped me to stand up.

“I can see why it’s abandoned.” I muttered, picking up the torch which had gotten broken during the rough landing.

The courtyard was only small but it was filled with so much broken furniture that there was hardly any room to move. The furniture was piled so high that looking up, I could only just see hints of the walls of the Castle around me. The walls of the Castle were built from massive grey stones, some bigger than me, and they rose up for as far as my inferior human eyes could see.

“We have to hurry.”

Ridge and I followed Jet as he pushed his way through the mountain of wood furniture. It wasn’t long before we reached an average sized wooden door.

“I will go first. Wait until I knock on the door before going inside.” in the blink of an eye Jet was gone.

“We will have to move quickly to ensure that we get the Infinity Blade first. The Vampire Lords will have their subjects everywhere.” Ridge told me solemnly.

There was a knock on the wooden door and Ridge quickly moved in front of me so that he went inside first. The door couldn’t open all the way because of all the furniture so once Ridge had squeezed through it was my turn. Fortunately I was skinny so I managed to get through easily.


Jet, Ridge and I were now stood in a hallway. The floors were covered in intricate rugs, which were surprisingly colourful, but it was the walls that had surprised me. Paintings and glass cases covered every available surface. Strange floating orbs were on the ceiling and they provided, what was for me, a weak light, for all vampires however they must have been very bright.

“I will search the armoury.” Jet promptly ran down the hallway and disappeared from view.

I frowned. “But we don’t know what the Infinity Blade looks like.”

Ridge gazed at the glass cases around us. “Vampires can sense objects of power.”


“Here,” he handed me the metal triangle which now had the final clue engraved on it. “You take this, maybe something will happen when it is near the blade.”

“Aren’t you going to be with me?” I asked gripping the triangle anxiously. I didn’t really want to wonder around a strange castle when there could be vampires at any turn.

Ridge shook his head looking torn. “No, we must find the blade before it is too late. We’re running out of time.” he reached out and gently touched my cheek. “Please be careful.”

I nodded silently.

“I will still be in the Museum, so if you need my help just call for me.” a bat was suddenly flapping in Ridge’s place and it flew away down the hallway.

“Great,” I muttered staring at the metal triangle in my hand. “I guess that I had better start looking then.”

Peering into the glass cabinets as I made my way down the hallway, the opposite way to the one Ridge went, I saw that the cabinets were mainly filled with expensive looking ornaments, but every now and then there was a jewelled dagger or sword. The triangular piece of metal didn’t do anything so I carried on walking.

“I can smell something.”

The voice was close and made me jump. I quickly pressed myself against a wall and tried to breathe as quietly as possible.

“Smells disgusting.” another voice commented.

I sniffed at my shoulder and nearly gagged. I smelled like the sewers.

“Can you hear that?” the first voice asked sounding entranced.

Sweat beaded on my forehead.

“A heartbeat.” the second whispered.


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