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Portal Keepers Book 1.
A job at a café for the Undead, a ghost best friend, and an annoying handsome vampire protector. Danira has it all.

Danira isn't your average girl. For generations her family has looked after the portal that links the Realm of the Undead to the Realm of the Living, by running a cafe for the Undead that are travelling through the portal. Then news reaches Danira and her parents that the Vampire Lords want to take over control of the portal and wreak havock amoung the Realm of the Living.
An adventure of hot vampires, zombies, ghosts, mummies, and life-threatening danger is thrust upon Danira, and she must try her best to protect the Realm of the Living, by preventing the Vampire Lords from obtaining the Infinity Blade, which has the power to change the portal. As well as saving her world can Danira resist the dashing vampires that cross her path? Some are more dangerous than others.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


11. A Pledge and an Abduction


I quickly hid the note in my Maths book and turned around to face him. Unfortunately it seemed that Ridge had been awake long enough to see what I had been doing.

“Who is that note from?” Ridge asked standing up. He seemed pale, paler than usual, and was rubbing his throat as if in pain.

“No one. It was from... my friend Debbie.” I added a smile to seem convincing but Ridge wasn’t buying it.

“Danira, I know that you’re lying.” he gave a groan and stumbled towards the window. “But we can continue this later. I need to hunt.”

Watching as he clutched at the windowsill and peered outside, I asked. “What if they come while you’re gone?” if someone really had found out information about the location of the Infinity Blade, then more vampires would be coming for me than before.

Ridge must have sensed my fear because he gazed back at me, his fangs out in preparation of the hunt.

“I’ll get you some blood from downstairs.”

Ridge nodded slowly and his eyes went to my neck, where my pulse was beckoning to him. Forcing his eyes away from me, he replied. “Yes, that will be... that will be fine.”

I hastily left my room and went downstairs, not knowing how much longer Ridge would be able to resist sinking his teeth into me.

“Here you are.” I said when I returned to my room with two bags of blood. I had presumed that he would need more than one seeing as he hadn’t fed for a while.

Ridge waited until I had put them down on my bed before he approached them. I turned away and tried to ignore his eager gulps. I couldn’t imagine loving blood so much. Nausea rose in my throat at the thought of it.

Prodding my Maths book with a finger, I wondered if I should let Ridge see the note.

“Thank you, Danira.”

I glanced at Ridge to see that he was stood looking out of my window.

“For the blood? No problem.” I murmured distractedly as I brushed my hair from my eyes, looking back down at my book.

Cool fingers wrapped around my wrist and I jumped at how close Ridge was.

He raised my wrist to his face. “This is an interesting bracelet.”

“A mummy gave it to me a few weeks ago,” I wished that he would back off a bit. Hadn’t he heard of personal space?

“It’s very old. Even older than me,” Ridge told me, touching the golden ankh gently. “Now are you going to show me the note?” he asked patiently, letting go of my wrist.

I hesitated, my hand hovering over my Maths book.

“I would hate to have to force you to.” Ridge’s eyes informed me that he didn’t want to, but he would use his powers if he had to. Which was odd, because in the past Ridge wouldn’t have given me a choice. He would have just made me do as he wanted.

“Here,” I reluctantly handed him the note and watched his expression as he read it.

“Do you know if this note is real?” Ridge asked seeming annoyed and slightly angry.

“I’m not sure, but it sounds like King Alandros.”

Hissing he started to pace my room, running a hand through his hair. I stayed where I was and waited for Ridge to speak.

“What do you want to do about this?” his dark eyes were fixed on me as he stopped in front of me.

I stared at my feet, uncomfortable in his gaze. “I want to get the Infinity Blade first. I don’t want the Vampire Lords to take over the Realm of the Living.”

Ridge nodded. “In that case, I will go with you.”

Had that been Ridge’s plan all along, to get me to willingly go to the Realm of the Undead?

He saw the mistrust in my expression. “Danira, I wish that you would trust me. I only want to protect you.”

I eyed him guardedly, recalling that he had a hidden agenda for looking after me.

Ridge suddenly got down on one knee and I backed away alarmed.

“Unfortunately I don’t have a sword, but I, Ridge, pledge my allegiance to you, Danira. I will protect you from harm and aid you in your quest in any and every way that I can.”

Embarrassed I gestured for him to stand up. “Why did you do that?”

“Knights used to pledge their swords, and therefore themselves, to their Kings and Queens.” he smiled.

“Fine,” I said eventually. “You can be my bodyguard.” it seemed that he still wanted to play the protector, so why should I stop him?

Ridge’s expression turned grim. “I’m not happy about you going into the Realm of the Undead though. I will have to get some things. I need to leave for a while, will you be alright alone?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. He gave me a grim smile before opening the window and jumping out of it.

Quickly grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, I wrote Mum and Dad a note.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have gone to the Realm of the Undead to find the Infinity Blade before the Vampire Lords. I hope that I make it back, but if I don’t then please know that I love you and will miss you.



I put the note on my pillow and grabbed my schoolbag, flinging random bits and pieces that I might need into it. Dad had told me once that the currency in the Realm of the Undead was everyday human objects, so I put items such as books, earrings and loads of other stuff in my bag as well as actual money.

I had just zipped up my bag when goose-bumps chilled my skin.

“Invite us in, Danira.”

Oh no. A shuddery breath escaped my lips as I turned around. My heart plummeted at the sight of seven vampires floating outside my window.

“Invite us in.”

There were so many of them that I soon found myself doing as they asked, and they all came inside.

“Going somewhere are we?” one asked, noticing my bag.

A bulky vampire laughed and stroked my cheek. “Looks like she’s all ready to go, lads.”

“We need to leave.” a short vampire murmured his eyes on my bedroom door, worried that at any moment my dad might appear.

I was slung over someone’s shoulder as if I was as light as a feather. A tear ran down my cheek as the gang of vampires flew outside and round the back of the café. We landed in front of the portal and the vampires looked around furtively.

“Alright,” the vampire that was holding me said. “Let’s…”

He suddenly stopped talking, his next words stuck in his throat, because at that exact moment Ridge glided through the portal carrying a package.

His eyes widened at the sight of me. “Danira,” his expression changed from alarm to fury. “Let her go.”

The bulky vampire gave a snort. “Move out of our way, traitor. You shouldn’t be protecting her. You’re a vampire, you’re one of us.”

“Release her,”


Ridge flung himself at the vampire that was gripping me, but the other vampires jumped at him.

“Get her through the portal!”

My captor didn’t need telling twice. He raced towards the portal but there was the crack of a gun going off and he fell. Hope filled me at the sound of the gun. It was Dad’s vampire deterrent, a rifle with wooden bullets.

The vampire had been going so fast that I found myself thrown through the swirling darkness of the portal. Released from the vampires’ compulsion my voice returned and I screamed.


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