Hate at first sight

Everybody talks about 'Love at first sight', but what about hate?


1. The letter

I woke up, the sun streaming in through my open curtains and sparkling off my mirror. Ditto up gradually my eyes acclimatised to the bright light; everything seemed to have an ethereal glow. After taking in the beauty I stood up, noticing that today was the 24th of August. Somewhere that date rang a bell, until I remembered that today was my birthday! I started doing a little happy dance until I saw my self in the mirror. My hair was a complete bird's-nest, all sticking up in funny places and dirty. "Better get this mess cleaned up!" I muttered to my self and walked off to my en suite.
After I had had my shower I dried my hair and went through my clothes, looking forthe perfect outfit. Finally I found it - a red and white off the shoulder top and some dark denim skinny jeans. All I needed now was some shoes!
Walking over to my shoe cupboard a loud tapping noise, coming from my window, made me stop. What was it? Could be a burglar? A rapist? I armed myself with my manicure scissors and slowly turned round, ready to stab them. My heart rate excelerated so much I thought itwould burst out my chest, but it wasn't a rapist, or even a burglar. Instead it was a tiny grey owl, doing what looked like to be knocking at the window with it's foot. "Wow," I murmured, turning round and putting my scissors back on the table. This just made the owl tap more impatiently. "I'm coming!" I said to the owl. I went back over to it, desperate to have a closer look. I love animals and it's not everyday that you see an owl, especially one coming to your window! Anyway, I went over and saw a little piece of paper attached to its leg, which said (in emerald green copperplate) 'Ria Chachama'
"For me?" i asked the owl, which made the owl nod. "Do i need to let you in " I queried, aabd this time the little owl nodded even harder. Reluctantly I opened the window and the owl shot in. For a couple of seconds it circled my room, until it came and landed on my shoulder like a parrot. "Aww, bless your little cotton socks," I cooed at the owl. The owl seemed to roll his eyes and stuck out his leg with the paper on. I looked at it confused. Yes, my name is Ria, but I'm Ria Pearmain, not Ria Chachama. Intrigued, I gently eased off the paper and began to read…

Dear Miss Ria Chachama

I am pleased to accept you as a student of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I know you will not know what this is, but your adoptive parents can tell you more.
To get your school equipment please meet me at the Dandy Cockeral Inn, 46 Aquamarine Road, London on the 24th of August at 3 o'clock
Thank you,
Yours sincerely

Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster of Hogwarts)

PS: You will be joining the 4th Year, as you are 14
PPS: Look for an old man with long silver hair, a long crimson robe and half-moon glasses - that's me!
PPPS: Keep the owl!

I stared at the letter. Was it a joke? Was it real? One thing's for sure, if it was real I wasn't Ria Elodie Pearmain...

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