1. True Love

Everytime I look in your eyes sparks fly.
Everytime I see your smile you light up my world
Everytime I see you in a crowded place the only person I see is you

I think about you every second of the day.
The way you laugh and the way you talk to me, it makes me feel special.
I remember when we were children, playing and running around everywhere.

I felt so lonely in this world, until you came along. I even remember the first time you talked to me, just looking at you for the first time I knew you were the one. Im only me when Im with you.
Everytime im around you I feel excited and everytime I see your face, shivers run down me and my heart beats faster. When your lips touch mine, I feel like its only you and me this world and nothing can ever break us apart. A day without you is like a year without rain. Every day is like a fairytale when im with you.
You understand me when no one else does. We have so much in common. Your there for me when I need help. Your everything a girl could ask for.
I will love you forever and always.
That is what true love is.

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