Time is limited. Maybe not for Aria and Jessica, but for those who's lives soon run out, Death will be waiting...


6. You - Jessica


He is standing in front of me, his gorgeous eyes changing in the light. He reaches for my face, and traces a hand across my cheek. I shiver under his touch, and close my eyes, letting the lust, the longing fill me, consume me.

“I love you,” he whispers, and his lips brush against mine. I can feel his breath, his hot breath, on my face as he pulls away.

Then suddenly I don’t feel anything.

I open my eyes.

And he is standing across the room from me, holding another girl in his arms, lips pressed against hers, passionate, wanting, needing. Their mouths move urgently together. He is kissing her, that woman, that woman. Her hands circle his neck, his arms move slowly down her body, slipping around her waist.


I sniffed, tears forming in my eyes.

“What are you doing,” I asked, the tears streaming down my face. Anger, coursed through me, threatening to overwhelm me.


Will says something.


 “I saw everything,” I continued. “Why would you do that? That’s my boyfriend.”


She is standing too close to him.


“Get away from him!” I zoomed across the room, and flung her away, not caring where she landed.


Will now stands in front of me, with his hands up.

“Calm down, Jessy.”


“How could you do this to me, Will? How could you cheat on me with this?” I asked.

“Who the hell is Will?” someone said, a ringing high above my head, but they aren’t important.


All that matters is Will, and the woman with him. The woman with the baby girl, named Aria, who she has left with the neighbours so she could have an affair with my Will, my Will. I've done my research. I've been waiting to catch them in the act for months.

“Honey, me and William are meant to be together. We are made to be with each other. I’m so sorry, sweetie.”

“Don’t call me sweetie. Don’t you dare talk down to me, you condescending little bitch!”


And I lunged for her throat.

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