Time is limited. Maybe not for Aria and Jessica, but for those who's lives soon run out, Death will be waiting...


7. Revelation - Aria

She lunged at me, I had no time to defend myself.

Jessica grabbed my throat and wrestled me to the ground, I knocked my head on the small wooden table opposite the table. An evil sneer was planted on Jessica. She wanted revenge, but for what? I hadn't done anything!

She bared her razor sharp fangs, trying to pin back my arms and swooping down so she could sink her teeth into me. I wasn't as strong as her but I carried on fighting, flailing my arms that she held to the floor by my upper arms, and kicking my legs, trying to shove her off. 

Jake immediately changed into hunter mode and grabbed his crossbow from behind a sofa. Instinctively, he loaded it with a silver stake and aimed it at Jessica.

"Move or I'll fire!" Jake bellowed, muscles tensed, back straight, ready to kill.

Jessica glared at Jake, her eyes gleaming a fiery red of hunger.

"How could you do this to me, Will?" She shrilled. "Why this whore?"

She snapped her gaze back to me. I'd never seen her like this. I'd never seen the monster in her awaken. The Jessica I knew had disappeared in a heartbeat. Who the hell was Will?

"I trusted you!" She screamed in my face, deafening me. "How could you even lay a finger on my Will? I will make you suffer for what you have done. I will make you feel the pain I feel. You will pay."

"I said move!" Jake raged, pacing forward, keeping the crossbow aimed at Jessica. 

"There is something I haven't told you, dear sweet, Aria," Jessica leered in my face. "I killed your mother!"

That shocked me. I hadn't prepared for that. She must be lying. She must be.

"I don't believe you..." I muttered back, my voice fading.

"Will and I were as happy as can be, devoted to each other, completely in love. And then your whore of a mother had to worm her way in and steal him from me! She was married and she had an affair with my will! So I killed the bitch, she deserved it! I was forced to take care of you, a whiny little brat! You're just like her! A whore, a slut! No one can take my Will away from me!"

The words had spewed from her mouth so fast that I had no time to digest them properly.

She had killed my mother.

Tears started to flow from eyes, uncontrollable tears that I so desperately wanted to wipe away.

My friend had killed my mother.

"Feel it, Aria! Feel the pain your mother caused me!"

The betrayal hurt like a punch to the stomach.

I felt weak and afraid. 

But that was not who I was. I was a predator. I was a winner.

Jake had been rooted to the spot whilst she had revealed her secret.

It took me only seconds to decide.

"Jake, fire!" 

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