Time is limited. Maybe not for Aria and Jessica, but for those who's lives soon run out, Death will be waiting...


1. A Hunter's Cottage - Aria

The snow was deep and refused to melt away. Jessica and I couldn't feel the cold, it's like we were immune to it. We could easily walk through the coldest of climates and not feel a thing. We would not die of Hypothermia or catch a horrible cold. But the snow kept pounding down, and was growing in thickness, making it even harder to walk through. We would have to stop soon, find a place to rest, and most importantly, find some food. 

Strands of brown waves whipped across my face, tucking it behind my ear wouldn't make much of a difference. My hair was quite thin and snaked down my spine like roses would climb up a trellis. But then again, my personality was quite similar to a rose, somewhat beautiful at a glimpse, but up close, I'm lethal, like the thorns on the stem of a rose. I'm not normal, and that in itself sounds clichéd. If it were simple, I'd return to the days where I didn't crave the crimson juice. But those days were long gone, and so was the old me. 

"Aria, look!" Jessica, my mentor, called. Jessica looked a lot younger than me, even though she had been trapped in her seventeen year old body for about eighty years. Her red hair fell around her waist in flowing waves and her almond-shaped eyes were a shade of emerald and freckles were splattered across her face. She was beautiful.

Jessica was slightly ahead of me, in front of a tall oak tree, drenched in snow and ice, holding a small dead rabbit by the ears. The neck savagely torn. "I know it's not what we're used to, but it'll keep us going until we find somewhere to stop."

The truth was, we hadn't ate in days, and all the travelling we'd done had taken up a lot of energy. And the one thing I despised the most was animal juice.

Jessica sank her teeth into the neck of the rabbit, drinking it's red liquid, some of it escaping, dribbling down her face. She looked like a monster, a beast, but that is what she was. And so was I.

"Here," She said, handing me the rabbit. She licked the blood from her lips and watched me feed.

I sank my teeth into the same spot that Jessica had drank from. It didn't fill me up completely, nor did it satisfy, but it was enough to keep us alive through the night.

I felt the hunger burn in my eyes, my irises turned red, and the inner beast taking over. I hadn't been a beast for very long, and I couldn't control my hunger as well as Jessica could. I continued to rip through the rabbit until it was dry and useless. Throwing the carcass aside, I wiped the remaining blood from my face with the back of my hand. 

"Calm yourself," Jessica warned. "It's the only way you'll learn how to control it."

She was right, I had to cage up the beast within me, otherwise I would never have control. 

"I don't have to be this beast much longer, Jessica," I said, agitated. She didn't understand why I wanted a soul, she had been a vampire for over eighty years, she had grown accustomed to it. It was normal for her. I wanted humanity.

"This is a long journey, Aria," Jessica replied tiredly. "You never know, you might grow to like being immortal. There are so many possibilities, endless time. Think of the all the places you could go and the people you could meet. Isn't that what life is about?"

For a moment, she had me speechless. She was right, life was about experiencing new things. But I didn't want to live forever whilst my family grew old and died. I wanted to have children and someday sit on a porch with my husband and be surrounded my grandchildren. Could vampires even have children?

Just as I was about to argue, Jessica pointed at something in near distance.

"Look, can you see it?" She asked, excitedly. "Can you see the smoke?"

"It's just smoke Jess," I muttered and carried on walking. 

Jessica grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"If there's smoke, there must be people. It could be from a chimney." As she explained, I stared at her, unconvinced.

"We're going to check it out," she ordered. I hated it when she turned all 'obey me' on me. Who did she think she was? The effing queen? 

Jessica dragged me towards the smoke and soon, a large cottage was in sight. 

She looked at me and said proudly, "I think we've found a place for the night."

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