Fairytale Twists

well i made this ages ago when i was nine its like a comedy poem just thought i would share it i got inspiration by roald dahl for this poem


1. red riding hood


As soon as Wolf began to feel,

That he would like a decent meal.


He went and wandered around the wood,

Then he saw miss little hood.


Mr Smarty pants wasn’t right, 

He said to himself “its night”.


He traipsed home, 

On the way he heard a groan.


He looked around,

At the ground.


In the trees, 

All he saw were a pair of knees.


He walked closer and he was nearly there, 

It whispered beware.


The wolf wasn’t scared, 

He stared.  


He pounced at the knees and got his lunch, 

He bit a big chomp and there was a loud crunch.


Next was his dinner,

This was a winner.


He went back for a walk,

He found some chalk.


He chucked it and it hit a wall,

Through the trees he had to crawl.  


He entered a brown and black door,

The cleanest place except the floor.


It was as muddy as a pile of poo,

It was like a zoo.


Here came skipping along red ridding hood happily,

She stopped and saw Mr. wolf snappily.


The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.

She whips a pistol from her knickers.


She aims it at the creature's head

And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead.


But what a change no cloak of red!

The thing which she shot dead.


Lays upon her beautiful back,

Next time red hood sees you, you might be her sack.

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