What is beauty?

I am writing about my perception of beauty and the question i ask myself on a daily basis...
I would like everyone to get involved and give me there opinions/ perception of beauty!!


1. My definition of beauty.

At one stage of my life i thought beauty was just someone that was good looking, i did not think it was a personality of someone or something...


Beauty is the characteristic of a person, animal, place or even an object- like a painting. It something that gives you an out of this world feeling, you may feel a kind of weird sensational pleasure. Beauty can cause all sorts of emotions. For example; I met this girl once when i was about 9 years old and she had the most amazing bright blue eyes, tears started to run down my face and i couldn't stop them. My mum asked me what was wrong, but there were no words to describe the emotions her beauty had given me.


Beauty does not look the same for everyone, we interpret it in our own way- like the saying "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". Just because a person says something or someone isn't beautiful, doesn't mean it actually isn't.


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