What is beauty?

I am writing about my perception of beauty and the question i ask myself on a daily basis...
I would like everyone to get involved and give me there opinions/ perception of beauty!!


2. Is beauty dangerous?

I personally think that beauty can hypnotises people, it can change the way our mind thinks. Us as the beholders of beauty, desire to have the beauty of the things we see or hear in life. We seek for others to see beauty in us; i often question myself whether we are greedy for wanting it. Does it turn our beauty ugly because the way we seek to perfect ourselves?


It can make us act like animal to one another and cause us feelings of hatred. How many people can truly stand in front of a mirror naked and say they wouldn't change the way the look? Many people, when they look in the mirror they feel disgust because they think that they should be skinnier, fatter, smaller or taller.


Is beauty getting in the way of us accepting the way we are? Some may say it causes madness and cries for help. Some people punish themselves for not being a certain kind of beauty. For example: self harming, drug abuse and alcohol abuse.




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