The Game

"The Game will not cause harm to you, if they agree with all that you do.
The words were, though at first reassuring, understood to be sinister. Of course. I couldn't even remember what The Game even was, just that it was the reason I was in this Hellhole. It was playing with me. Yes. That's what The Game is. Dark entertainment."


2. Spiders

“That staircase did not look safe. I had taken my heels off to stand up, and replaced them once I felt the splinters just beginning to take hold on my feet. Six inches felt a whole lot higher when you’re that disoriented. I climbed the rotten staircase, and found myself at the termination of a long, dark passageway. I stared down at it and just said, “Oh God.” I was not doing that.

“Just as I said it, my eyes were drawn to one corner. There was something on the floor. I leaned down. There was something on the carpet. On it, I say, it wasn’t, it was a slightly discoloured square of carpet. Curious now, I stepped on it. And then I heard what will probably forever remain the strangest sound on the planet. It’s hard to place. Like someone drumming on their collarbone. A dull scuttling sound. Scuttling. What the-

“I turned, ditched my heels and ran. I knew the moment I saw one what was coming for me. Spiders. Horrible, gruesome, dark, twisted arachnids. Spiders. Agitated by some otherworldly force and compelled to chase after me.

“I burst out of the corridor in a flurry of limbs, and turned to the right, out into the reception room where I had woken up. I chanced a look backwards. The spiders were swarming out of that corridor by the thousand now, spilling onto the floor, walls and ceiling. It was like a nightmare. It briefly crossed my mind that it was a nightmare I was living. Oh well. I turned another corner and ran, ran, ran. I stopped, and swore loudly. A dead end. I turned to see the corridor I now found myself in being absorbed by the torrent of arachnids, and, at the last minute, saw it. My salvation. I sprinted for it, but the spiders looked like they were going to beat me to it, and it did nothing but spur me on further. I pushed, every bone in my body being willed to go faster, work harder. I was going to make it. Come on.


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