The Game

"The Game will not cause harm to you, if they agree with all that you do.
The words were, though at first reassuring, understood to be sinister. Of course. I couldn't even remember what The Game even was, just that it was the reason I was in this Hellhole. It was playing with me. Yes. That's what The Game is. Dark entertainment."


3. I Knew You Would

“She hit me like a ton of bricks. I say hit, it was more collapsing flurry. My first thought on the ground was that the door had slammed shut as she came through, and that there was a deafening racket on the other side of it. Hell knows what she had just been through. Whatever the Game was, she had just experienced the worst of it.

“I remember her first words as she rolled off me and onto her side. Ugh, mostly. Not hugely interesting, but oh well. At least there was someone else here. Wherever here was. I sat up, rubbed my head, and looked at her. “Hi,” she said, with more cheer than I would have expected of her. “I just nearly got run over by spiders. How are you?”

“I could instantly tell this was going to work out somehow.”


“The pipe was slung into the wall once more. It was beginning to look very crumpled, but it was doing its job quite well. That was my idea. I simply saw the pipes there, dangling from the ceiling, and suggested we use them to break out of this place. So this guy, who I fell onto two minutes earlier, as I collapsed through the door seconds ahead of those spiders, broke one off of its’ supports and we set to work. He explained that after thinking about it this room was square, and one edge must be a wall because there was a cold draught somewhere. The east wall was the one I came through, so could not be it. The west wall was where the furnace was, and it was impractical to put the main source of heat next to the outside of the house. Unfortunately, this left the north and south walls, which was a dead end, as he put it.

“That was another brainwave of mine. A dead end. There was a dead end in the corridor, and then I ran back. So maybe that was it. I came in, when I faced the door, on the left, so it might, just might, be the north wall. Not much to go on, but it was all, and was the best guess we had.

“So, we were back at the point where we were slinging a pipe into a wall. He had knocked most of the bricks out, now, and we were left with just wooden boards to destroy in a nice large hole. I wanted to do the honours, and just let rip with the pipe. The wood splintered like shards of glass, and we found ourselves staring at a scene we knew so well, yet could hardly remember. A city. Namely, New York. I could hardly believe where we were stuck in the middle of a city, and turned around to look at what we had just come out of. It was a skyscraper. A skyscraper! I couldn’t believe it!"


“I found it strange, too. But having been in there for 24 hours, I knew better than to stand and watch. I ushered my companion away with me, and we set out for your house. You were one of those people I knew would be able to make head or tail of this, so...”

Martin was right. Of all the people in the city to go to, Professor Higgins was the one. A small man, ratty-faced, but with an extremely sharp mind for lateral problems. And it doesn't get more lateral than that. He paused for thought, then opened a notebook, scribbling THE GAME onto the front in big, bold letters. He wrote a large set of notes on the first page, then three headings on the second, third and fourth, before handing it back, this time to Kara, the girl. She's probably keep it better. After all, it was a nice notebook. With a quick flick of the hand, the professor ushered them both out of his large office, and with not so much as a word, shut the heavy oak door on them.

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