The Killer

the silent buried him until the figure came to wards him. a mystery story. who is the murderer


1. The Knife

The blood red sunset spilled across the serene beach and the trees violently swayed to the rhythm of my heart. Crashing waves thundering in my ears, the aroma of salt circling around me. This dream spiralled into a nightmare, darkness surrounded me.


The wind picked up and the waves grew and crashed against the shore. A shadow malevolent started making its way towards me. The figure reached his arm out.


He was holding something. He reached out further until the point of the object was touching my chest. Pushing it in further, I fell to the ground. Blood started pouring out of my chest and onto the sand. The sand was no longer untouched but stained red.


The wind, waves and the trees stopped being violent; they were now as peaceful as ever. I closed my eyes for last time. Softly and gently I pulled the knife out of my chest and laid it down on the sand. I was dying.

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