"Yhhhhhhhhh' I AM STUPID"

It's all about a normal teenage life and the real but interesting facts about their lifeeeeeee


1. Chapter 1

Sis- Pis language

Ping- Pong dresses

Here there smoking

A list of crushes

Sm times straight

D nxt moment curl

Silly ppl don’t miss chance

Addressing as a “STUPID GIRL

Trying 2 blnce life

Wearing a pencil heel

Smtimes feel happy

 Dt I had never 2 appeal

Ya’ Ya…Dat’S nt wrong dt my feet can’t hold on d songs like “HIPS DON’T LIE”

Bt d other side is dt most of d time I also used 2 cry

Hnnnnnn…Evry ni8 dere’s a shampen party

No’ No u can’t see anyone’s face 2 blame dem dirty

Now open bottles nd make dem cheers

Who can’t wait if everybody is here

O’hhhhhhh bunk d classes as I’m gonna late

Who cares all time loudspeaker dad

Ya’h u strike right, he must had convinced mh mom

As d last ni8 she told me”Go to hell! U will surely rubbish our forefathers golden name”

“Yehhhhhhhh! I need nobody As I m wid mh all time hit frnzzzzzz

Now tell me quickly wht u want if God give u a chance

Here by dis way a very small portion of mh life is now in light

Really bt who can understand me as I m unknown abt mh life

Ya’Ya I know bt u can’t say dt I m 2 lazy 2 dream a life vry hi-fi

Bt listen nw don’t forget 2 click d button like

If u r d same way as I……………..!!!







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