Ashes And Arrows: The Bright Fire

A novel involving my former WoW character Ashe and her adventures.

After the horrid destruction of Kezan caused by Deathwing tearing through the heart of the world we know as Azeroth, Âshe finds herself in the great Horde city of Orgrimmar. A stranger to these lands and with her entire family perishing to Deathwing's destructive power, she has sworn to carry on the legacy that is her family, many generations of proud Hunters. She soon find herself drawn to help heal the lands hurt by the Cataclysm and gets involved in a long journey, taking her far and wide to areas she could only dream of.

I want to point out, while there is ALOT of lore and actual facts from World of Warcraft involved in this story, there WILL be inconsistensies, seeing as it is still fanfiction, so do not take it serious.

Disclaimer - The name Ashe is in fact not stolen or nicked from League of Legends. I've had the name for roughly 10 years, ever since I started playing World of Warcraft back in Vanilla Beta.


4. The Man in the Shadows


  Ome: "That could not possibly have been easy to catch."

  Ashe had a smile on her face larger than usual. The mighty creature now next to Ashe, was an enormous, red Dragonhawk Matriarch.

  Ashe: "It was not. This matriarch is the last of it's kind almost. I managed to trap and tame her after being out in the wilds for longer than usual. She's a beauty, isn't she? I named her Lucy, after my mother."

  Ome could do nothing but nod in quiet admiration. Ashe almost went back to a state of depression with the memory of her mother's demise. But every time she looked at the bright feathers of the Dragonhawk she reminded herself of what the majestic creature represented to her. A strong willed spirit, who would always be there to help her. 

 Ome quickly closed his mouth and returned to his serious facade of a face after noticing Ashe's quiet posture. It had been a long time since he had shared his tales with anyone outside the Order, who could actually understand what pain he had gone through in his previous adventures. Most heroes barely see any action these days, other than meaningless tasks for random people around the world. Like Ashe, Ome had lost most of his family and friends in wars against the evils of Azeroth throughout his lifetime. He hated seeing people in pain and attempted to lighten her mood. 

  Ome: "So Ashe, seems like you owe me a favor."

Ashe raised her head in agreement as she gently ran her fingers across Lucy's beak.

  Ashe: "It's the least I can do to repay your kindness. Whatever I can do, let me know."

 Ome: "I actually already have something in mind, but it'll have to wait. Our little encounter took me off track for a while. I have some important errands to run. I'll be in contact soon. Take care of yourself now."

  In a swift movement, Ashe swung herself up to the neck of Lucy, nodded in his direction and flew back into the slums, with Ome waving goodbye on the ground. Ashe felt like she made a good friend in her new life on Kalimdor. Little did she understand just how drastic a turn her life was about to take.




  Ome headed for the Warchief's Throne, the real reason behind his trip. When Ome rescued Ashe, he was on his way back to Orgrimmar to report to the Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. He had traversed the southern part of Kalimdor, Tanaris, the location of the expedition into the desert of Uldum. He had been on a mission to do negotiations with the Tol'vir. After successfully securing intelligence vital to the Warchief, he had bumped into the famous adventurer Harrison Jones, who had kindly offered him a caravan back to Tanaris, where Bella was awaiting his return. It was better to go on foot, or camel, to Uldum from Tanaris and leave your mount in the care of the stable master in the goblin city, as the Neferset controlled the skies. The Cataclysm which Deathwing brought upon Azeroth had caused the eastern part of Tanaris to flood, in addition to flooding the wastes north of there, once known as the Thousand Needles for it's many towering spires. Once a place for the goblin and gnome raceway, it was now completely swallowed by water, leaving the goblins and gnomes to build a speedbarge in order to survive.

  The guards saluted in honor and let him into the giant room, where Garrosh stood in talk with one of his ambassadors. The throne room itself was rather small, but the structure was huge. In the room was Garrosh himself and various other individuals, tacticians and politicians. It looked like Garrosh was being briefed about the recent activity in the Twilight Highlands.

  Garrosh: "Very well. Prepare the airship, we will leave in two weeks."

  The grunt saluted and promptly left. Garrosh noted the bulky Paladin approaching.

  Ome: "Warchief. I bring news from Uldum." 

  As Ome saluted Garrosh with respect, the Warchief waved him over.

  Garrosh: "Come forth Paladin and speak."

  Ome pulled out a scroll from his backpack and handed it to Garrosh who began studying it immediately.

  Ome: "As you commanded, the mission was a success. We reached a trading agreement and supplies are being shipped and distributed as we speak. The Tol'vir are surprisingly friendly and has agreed to help us in the war against Al'akir and Deathwing in exchange for help pushing back the Neferset and taking back the Lost City of the Tol'vir around the forested southern part of Uldum."

  Garrosh sat down next to a nearby table, as he handed the document over to one of his tacticians.

  Garrosh: "Well done Paladin, you have served me well in the past and continue to the prove your worth and honor as a loyal soldier of the Horde. In the meantime, I have a new task for you. Come."

  Ome followed Garrosh's gesture to approach the table with a map.

  Garrosh: "Before we can start helping the Tol'vir with more than just supplies, we need to finish what we started in Hyjal. An outpost was established, but no word has reached me since they deployment. I was informed that our troops in forward positions at the Shrine of Malorne are advancing on the Firelands, but the Twilight's Hammer cult has many minions and volunteers joining them every day and their numbers are rocketing fast. We need to make sure the Firelands is the last bastion Ragnaros has left to flee to once we are done crushing his forces and bringing the fight to his doorstep."

  Ome looked curiously at the map.

  Ome: "The Twilight's Hammer. Who leads these people?"

  Garrosh let out a sigh in frustration. Ome could almost feel the fuming rage radiating from the brown skinned Orc to his left.

  Garrosh: "My scouts has informed me that Cho'gall, is still alive after his encounter with Med'an. He has been plotting to help the Gordunni Ogres of Dire Maul to power, but his plans has been disrupted by a group of Alliance filth. The scout involved observed from a distance as they were slaughtered one by one by the Alliance, before Cho'gall retreated back to the Bastion of Twilight, his fortress in the Twilight Highlands. My men arrived only to see the smoking corpses and ransack them for what information they could gather. I have just ordered my flagship prepared for an advance on the Highlands to establish a foothold. From what little information we have, the Dragonmaw clan might be persuaded to assist us. But the Alliance Dwarves has already arrived and are trying to claim the lands for themselves and I will not let that happen. Cho'gall is up to something and not knowing makes my blood boil. He is merely a puppet, but Deathwing has yet to reveal himself. Be on your guard, Paladin. I suggest you take friends, because you will be met with hostility, but with your reputation, I'm sure there isn't much you can't handle."

  As flattered as Ome was, he understood the severity of the situation.

  Ome: "As you command, Warchief."

  He saluted and left the throne room. He already had a couple of people in mind that could assist him in this undertaking. The only question was if he could convince Ashe. She wasn't exactly in prime condition, neither mentally nor physically. But maybe a distraction was really what she needed in order to get her mind off whatever nightmares she was dealing with.

  As he exited the throne room, a voice out of nowhere rang clear in his ears, a voice he knew well.

  ???: "So, another meeting with the boss-man?" Ome caught his breath quickly. "You sure have a way of sneaking up on people, but I doubt you as stealthy as you think."

  The goblin looked with a smug smile at Ome and laughed.

  ???: "You're getting old, Ome, maybe you should leave the real work to the professionals and most importantly, the capable."

  Ome looked at the tiny Goblin in front of him and chuckled lightly.

  Ome: "Is that supposed to be you? Just because you are gifted in magic, you can do everything? Last time I checked, things didn't go too well for you."

  The hooded figure looked pissed. 

  ???: "Why of course. I am born natural talent. What happened wasn't my fault, that prick got himself killed, not me."   Ome shook his head.

  Ome: "Well, we have new orders. Hyjal. Prepare your gear, we set out by dawn tomorrow and I'm bringing a friend."

  The shadowy man nodded in recognition and turned around on his heels, disappearing into the streets.




  Ashe sat down Lucy gently in close proximity to her relief tent. The dust was still kicked around with the wind, as the massive Dragonhawk's flapped away after letting off Ashe and Jim. She whistled to Lucy and she flew off, back to the stable master. She felt full and exhausted. She wished she had left the last slice of pie on the plate. With her appetite satisfied and still recovering from her wounded arm, she entered her tent, closed the flap and dropped to the mattress after discarding her equipment. Clutching her arm with Jim in her embrace, she drifted off to sleep, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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