Ashes And Arrows: The Bright Fire

A novel involving my former WoW character Ashe and her adventures.

After the horrid destruction of Kezan caused by Deathwing tearing through the heart of the world we know as Azeroth, Âshe finds herself in the great Horde city of Orgrimmar. A stranger to these lands and with her entire family perishing to Deathwing's destructive power, she has sworn to carry on the legacy that is her family, many generations of proud Hunters. She soon find herself drawn to help heal the lands hurt by the Cataclysm and gets involved in a long journey, taking her far and wide to areas she could only dream of.

I want to point out, while there is ALOT of lore and actual facts from World of Warcraft involved in this story, there WILL be inconsistensies, seeing as it is still fanfiction, so do not take it serious.

Disclaimer - The name Ashe is in fact not stolen or nicked from League of Legends. I've had the name for roughly 10 years, ever since I started playing World of Warcraft back in Vanilla Beta.


11. The Defense of Aessina's Grove

  Âshe woke up to the smell of fire and brimstone. Smoke rose in a solid column to the west. After rubbing her eyes and focusing her sight, the picture cleared up. One of the temples had taken a solid hit and rubble had destroyed a few of the nearby tents. Luckily Âshe's tent was located on the far eastern side of the camp, leaving her completely untouched. Ome was already up and meditating, preparing himself for the battle ahead. Âshe decided to follow his example and quickly equipped her armor. Only 2 hours had passed, but Âshe felt completely refreshed and ready to pull her weight after taking advantage of their hospitality. A worn down Hamuul approached them. "You're both up. Good. As you can see, the elements are pushing to take the grove. It's about time we showed them what we are made of." Âshe was rather skeptical of Hamuul's statement considering his condition. Hamuul was covered in ash on most of his body, but didn't seem exhausted what so ever. In fact, the battle seemed to push his powers to extreme power, almost as if the adrenaline of battle fueled his druid magic.

  "Are you alright Hamuul? You seem to be rather worn down" said Âshe in concern. Hamuul smiled. "Worry not about me Hunter, I will watch your back." Âshe looked determined. "Very well. Let's push these bastards back to whatever pit of fire they came from." Ome rose from his meditation and nodded towards Âshe in acknowledgement. As they both equipped their armor, Âshe gripped right around her bow. The Druids had supplied her with a fresh batch of arrows, made from refined pyrite bars. Sharp as a fresh razor, these arrows would prove useful against the Flamewakers they were about to face. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Ome looking through his tome of spells. After mumbling a small incantation, a bright light enveloped his massive jagged sword, leaving a faint aura around it. This enchantment in particular, would help destroy elementals rather than just sending them back to the plane of fire. Ome's face had changed. A normally cheerful and kind person, Ome now had the determination of a Hero, ready to meet his foes in battle. He picked up the giant sword and followed Âshe to the front lines.

  The corpses of many druids and ashes from destroyed elementals littered the ground in front of them. Malfurion was tending to the wounded, but as soon as he saw Âshe and Ome move forward, he soon joined them. As they approached the front line, a larger than normal Flamewaker approached. He was accompanied by two Charhounds, one on each side. The massive Flamewaker towered high over the lesser ones and his booming voice, echoed in the valley. "I AM SHANNOX, GRAND HUNTER OF THE FIRELANDS. YOU FOOLISH MORTALS. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE MY MASTERS WRATH. MINIONS, ADVANCE AND TAKE THIS POSITION IN THE NAME OF RAGNAROS, THE FIRELORD!" With a massive roar, Shannox moved to the back of the army while the relentless minions rushed towards the Grove. In a single battlecry, Hamuul and Malfurion encouraged the small force around them. "This is it! Strike now, Brothers and Sisters! LET NONE SURVIVE!"


As the fire elementals started to assault the Grove, Hamuul raised his arms high into the air. "I call upon the power of Ysera. May life rain down and put out the mighty fire before us! LET THIS TRANQUILITY HELP US OVERCOME THIS CHALLENGE" As he finished the incantation he slammed his hands together and from a bright green glow in his hands, a massive storm cloud was conjured over the battlefield. The storm cloud started to rain fiercely and the lesser elementals were instantly extinguished. The seemingly endless army of fire was weakened and with mighty roars from everyone, they rushed into battle. Ome let out a giant yell as he sprinted forward, taking first blood by cleaving a Flamewaker in two instantly. As the Druids moved forward to engage in battle, Âshe kneeled down and started her own incantation. As sounds of screams and roars were heard, Âshe closed her eyes and chanted. "Let my arrows be guided and my strike be swift. Let my enemies be consumed.." As she finished the last part of the chant, her eyes were consumed in blue fire as she opened her eyes. ".. IN A HAIL OF ARROWS." As the chant finished, Âshe stood up, mounted an arrow and shot it high into the sky. As the arrow disappeared into the clouds and short burst of shimmering blue light could be seen. In the following 5 seconds, the elemental army were struck by a giant rain of fiery arrows from the skies. As arrows rained from the sky, Âshe charged forward with a mighty battle cry to assist.

  Ome seemed to have no problem clearing the lesser Flamewakers. As an enormous being of pure fire approached, he finished the Flamewaker in front of him with a swift cleave. He rushed forward, throwing his sword at the elemental, burrowing it deep in the elemental. He kept sprinting and jumped onto his sword, pushing it even deeper into it's body and the elemental roared in pain. With a swift move, he pulled out the sword and jumped up to the head of the fiery giant. With one strike, he stabbed it in the neck, turning it into ashes as he landed on the charred ground and continued the battle. Âshe enchanted her arrows with the power of frost, trying to slow the advance. The druids around her used magic to the best of their knowledge, attempting to slow them down. Âshe suddenly noticed a Charhound sneaking up on Ome. "BEHIND YOU OME." Âshe quickly fired an arrow, piercing it's molten heart before Ome could react. Ome turned and nodded in appreciation, as he continued to throw spells at the small enemies. Ome saw one of the druids under attack and yelled for Âshe to help. "Assist the Druids Âshe, I will hold the rest off!"

  Âshe rushed to help the young druid in desperate need of help. In her eager to help, she tripped and fell over a small stone. A nearby Charhound noticed this and quickly sprinted towards it's prey, too slow to react, Âshe pulled a dagger from her waist and prepared to defend herself. In one quick movement, the young druid Kirin, jumped in front of the Charhound and killed it with a mighty Monsoon, sending the beast flying into the distance. She stretched a hand out in a helping motion. Âshe was just about to take her hand until she noticed blood running down from Kirin's face. Kirin's facial expression quickly turned from smiling to writhing in agony as she fell to the ground with a gasping wound on her back, almost crushing Âshe under he body. As the blood of Kirin dripped onto the ground, Âshe could feel the hatred burn strong within her. In furious anger, Âshe quickly looked around and noticed a Flamewaker Shaman hurling fireballs out onto the battlefield. His smug face revealed his enjoyment of watching Kirin slowly die. Âshe rose quickly back on her feet and strung an explosive arrow on her bow, firing it with amazing precision, nailing the Flamewaker straight between his eyes and the resulting explosion of ashes was a wonderful sight. But the army of elementals were far from defeated.  

  Âshe looked around and searched for Malfurion. At first it looked like he was wounded, but at second glance, he was in deep concentration. Âshe could feel how the wind was picking up and the Tranquility was slowly expiring. All of a sudden Hamuul's voice rang clear, as if it was a thundering voice from the skies. "FALL BACK!" Nobody hesitated and followed his command to fall back. As Ome ran, the cleaving swings of his mighty sword picked off the stragglers. They had survived the first wave, but the second wave was imminent. If they wanted to have any hope of survival, they had to stop the Flamewaker Summoner's from bringing forth more fiery elementals from the portals to the far west. This battle appeared to be going the wrong direction.

  The Druids had only taken few losses and were wondering why Hamuul had ordered them to fall back. "What are you doing Hamuul, we need to fight, not retreat!" Hamuul nodded towards Malfurion. "Be patient. And look to the west." As Âshe and Ome along with the rest of the Druids looked to the west, they were met with a horrible sight. Massive flaming elementals, without chains, emerged from the portals, ready to assault. "By the Gods. What is that." Hamuul didn't move a muscle and maintained his meditated state. "Unbound Flames. These elementals has no restriction of power. Ragnaros must have ordered these here. He is not giving up on destroying us. Rally into formation and wait for my signal. We still have an ace up our sleeve."


  As the remaining Tauren and Night Elven Druids rallied into defensive positions, the elementals began their second assault on the Grove. There was no time to pause, as the flames rushed across the scorched earth. As the elementals neared the defensive line, Malfurion rose from his concentration. "NOW MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. LET THE HEAVENS OPEN AND PUNISH THESE INTRUDERS!" As the Druids sprinted forward, an enormous hurricane opened above them, lightning striking the elementals over and over. In regained hope, the Druids fought with renewed strength as Malfurion channeled the mighty hurricane behind them. Hamuul however, started to show signs of exhaustion. The magic had taken it's toll and Hamuul collapsed. "This can't be... There's too many of them."

  As the storm raged over the battlefield, the Unbound Flames continued moving forward, slowly, but surely. They had already incinerated several Druids and were now on the final stretch to reach the defensive line. Malfurion started to look worried and Âshe could feel it. The storm didn't even slow down the Unbound Flames, it barely even touched them. Her arrows flew straight through them, dealing no damage what so ever. Âshe started accepting the fact that this battle might be a lost cause. In a final attempt to boost the Druids morale, Malfurion poured all his strength into the storm and both hail and snow, started to rain from the heavens. As the skies blackened, a weird sound could be heard in the distance. At first it was impossible to determine, but as it came closer, Âshe could easily recognize the sound of flapping wings. As she looked to the skies, a monster of a Frost Wyrm dove down from the hills spraying a torrent of frost over the Unbound Flames. As the Frost Wyrm made a low pass, an agile Orc jumped down from the Wyrm, charging into battle to assist the Druid while yelling at the top of his lungs. "FOR THE WARCHEIF, FOR THE HORDE!"

  Targok charged into the elementals and upon the sight of the Frost Wyrm, everyone, including Âshe and Ome, who recognized the Orc without a doubt, fought with new valor and strength. As the Frost Wyrm locked the Unbound Flames in thick ice, Malfurion's storm tore them up, shattering the ice and the Unbound Flame into pieces. "ADVANCE" roared Targok as he led the charge on the Flamewaker Summoner's. In a furious Bladestorm he quickly turned the remaining Flamewaker's into ash, as Ome destroyed one of the portals with a mighty swing of his sword. Âshe dispatched two summoner's with ease as Targok destroyed the last of the portals.


  As the remaining Flamewakers retreated, the Druids celebrated. They were victorious. The Grove of Aessina still stood tall and Malfurion could begin healing the lands of the damage the fire had done to the earth. As the Druids sat up a defensive perimeter, Âshe, Ome and Targok met up back in camp. "I see you have made a full recovery" said Âshe with a smile on her lips. Targok saluted. "It's good to finally meet the people responsible for saving my life. I am Targok the Kingslayer. And I am here to assist you in your journey from here on out, as thanks for saving my life. I owe you a great debt of gratitude. Allow me to repay it." Âshe smiled. "Your offer is welcome Targok. I feel this is the beginning of a great friendship." As they all settled down, they enjoyed the few moments of peace, before settling out to assist the Druids at the Shrine of Malorne.

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