Ashes And Arrows: The Bright Fire

A novel involving my former WoW character Ashe and her adventures.

After the horrid destruction of Kezan caused by Deathwing tearing through the heart of the world we know as Azeroth, Âshe finds herself in the great Horde city of Orgrimmar. A stranger to these lands and with her entire family perishing to Deathwing's destructive power, she has sworn to carry on the legacy that is her family, many generations of proud Hunters. She soon find herself drawn to help heal the lands hurt by the Cataclysm and gets involved in a long journey, taking her far and wide to areas she could only dream of.

I want to point out, while there is ALOT of lore and actual facts from World of Warcraft involved in this story, there WILL be inconsistensies, seeing as it is still fanfiction, so do not take it serious.

Disclaimer - The name Ashe is in fact not stolen or nicked from League of Legends. I've had the name for roughly 10 years, ever since I started playing World of Warcraft back in Vanilla Beta.


17. The Bloodbath Begins

  Ruk'Thar stood high atop the steep hill overlooking the Alliance settlement in the valley below. With a spyglass he was scouting the area to match his plan of attack perfectly. He didn't need a spyglass to see the huge human banner in the middle of the camp. He looked satisfied and had the evil grin of a mad alchemist. He stepped down the hill slightly and shouted orders at everyone, getting everyone ready to attack. "Battle-Mages! Prepare your portals!" Ruk'Thar had a few of the mages in position already, making their preparations to portal every single soldier from their current camp into battle straight away. The Alliance wouldn't see this coming, not even by a long shot. Ruk'Thar smiled as the mages started chanting together. This was it. As the first troops made it through the portal waiting for Ruk'Thar's signal, the Sky Riders circled into formation. These soldiers were about to make history.


  "A Draenei you say? Really? That's interesting. You sure you aren't just hallucinating?" Âshe rolled her eyes and Ome. "Yes I am pretty damn sure, you giant cow." Ome exhaled deeply. "So a Draenei rescued us, patched us up and left before dawn to ensure we weren't seen together?" Âshe nodded. "At least that's the idea I got from him. There's something weird going on here Ome. I fear there is more to our mission here in Hyjal, more than just assisting the Guardian Druids of Hyjal." Ome agreed. He didn't know what was going on either and it made him uncomfortable. "Besides, don't you feel it's strange we haven't heard from Kevin yet?" Âshe could feel Ome's tension as she asked the question. "I do. Kevin should have been here by now. I wonder what's holding him up." Âshe could feel how her pain had gone from tremendous to almost completely gone. "Whatever that blue skin did, he sure knows his way around a med-kit. My wounds and pains are almost gone."

  Ome ran his hand across his arm. A few scars told the tale of how close he had been to the blast, close enough to take a few pieces of stone shrapnel to his arm, as he shielded his face from the explosion. "You're right. While my back is still a bit beaten up, I feel fine. So it must be true that Draenei's have the power of the Light. I've heard stories of how they have healed their fellow soldiers in battle without training in neither medicine nor restoration magic. Fascinating." Âshe had a rather skeptical look on her face. "So we went from 'you are hallucinating' to 'fascinating.' Could you make your mind up Ome?"

  Ome could feel his cheeks blush and turned to pick up his armor. Âshe had already equipped her torn up armor pieces. She knew it was time for new armor, but now it was badly needed. The explosion had torn her armor to scraps and she knew these remains, wouldn't protect her for long. "Âshe, do you know what these backpacks contain?" Ome pointed at the two ominous packs of netherweave next to the third bed. "Good question. I'll check." As Ome dusted off his armor plates, Âshe opened one of the backpacks. It seemed Mirza had left them enough supplies for a week at least. Food, water and even more bandages. Neatly tucked in one of the front pockets of the bag, was a small piece of paper. Âshe pulled it out and opened it. Mirza had left them a note. 


  Âshe, while it has been somewhat of a pleasure to make your acquaintance and saving you and your friends life, I am needed elsewhere. I have left enough spare supplies for you and your friend to at least make it back to wherever you came from. While I hope I won't have to run into you again, be sure that should we meet again, I will be calling in a favor. - Mirza


  Âshe smiled to herself. Mirza was a kind soul, a rare one. It took a special kind of mentality to assist your enemies, no matter how much hatred would exist between you. In her heart she hoped they would meet again, but she realized that should that circumstance arrive, it would most likely be on a battlefield. Âshe was interrupted in her thoughts by the loud sound of a battle-horn being blown to it's full extent. Something wasn't right. Ome and Âshe quickly exchanged looks, grabbed the backpacks and headed for the hills.


  "Right here." Hamuul pointed to a specific location on the map in front of him and Kevin. Despite his big finger covering most of the spot, Kevin knew the place. "You sure about this Hamuul?" The old Tauren nodded slowly. "Now hurry, they may still be alive." Kevin stepped away from Hamuul and as fast as his tongue allowed he chanted a fast incantation and when he opened his eyes, he was standing on the path to Aviana's Shrine. As Kevin teleported out, Hamuul quickly hid the map back to it's original spot. He heard someone coming and whoever it was, was running. He say down next to an old tome and pretended he was studying it, as the door slammed open.

  An exhausted Night Elf Druid was standing in the doorway and was coughing and gasping for air. After catching his breath, the Night Elf saluted. "Sorry to bother you Runetotem. Our scouts just confirmed a large army of the Horde readying for battle. They have already begun preparation for the attack on the Alliance encampment. I have ordered all scouts and friendly forces to pull out and not to get involved. They will be here within the hour." Hamuul acknowledged the Night Elf's report and as the Druid left, he sank his head into his large palms. He looked at the runic circle Kevin had left in his wake, when he teleported out. "I hope you're not too late, young Mage."


  "The ground troops are in position General and are awaiting your signal." Ruk'Thar picked up a nearby hollow Kodo horn. "Very well. It's time to show these Alliance pigs, what the Horde is made of." The Captain disappeared as quick as he was summoned and Ruk'Thar exited his tent. From atop the hills, the Orc soldiers could be clearly seen, entrenched and camouflaged in the nearby forest. The Alliance sentries had been neutralized and were now filling the earth with crimson red blood-pools. The residents of the camp was completely unaware and surrounded. As soon as Ruk'Thar made it to the top of the hill, he raised the horn to his green lips and blew as hard as his lungs could manage. The roaring signal echoed far into the valley and as the sound dissipated, Ruk'Thar looked to the skies, seeing his Sky Riders diving into the encampment, dropping the first wave of bombs. As the fire started to catch the housings, Ruk'Thar blew the horn once more and watched as his soldiers left their position and swept over the camp, like a swarm of flies over a dead corpse.

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