Ashes And Arrows: The Bright Fire

A novel involving my former WoW character Ashe and her adventures.

After the horrid destruction of Kezan caused by Deathwing tearing through the heart of the world we know as Azeroth, Âshe finds herself in the great Horde city of Orgrimmar. A stranger to these lands and with her entire family perishing to Deathwing's destructive power, she has sworn to carry on the legacy that is her family, many generations of proud Hunters. She soon find herself drawn to help heal the lands hurt by the Cataclysm and gets involved in a long journey, taking her far and wide to areas she could only dream of.

I want to point out, while there is ALOT of lore and actual facts from World of Warcraft involved in this story, there WILL be inconsistensies, seeing as it is still fanfiction, so do not take it serious.

Disclaimer - The name Ashe is in fact not stolen or nicked from League of Legends. I've had the name for roughly 10 years, ever since I started playing World of Warcraft back in Vanilla Beta.


3. Knowledge

  Ashe was getting very dizzy and felt like barfing her guts out when Bella landed near one the portal area, on top of the hills surrounding Orgrimmar. Some of the best mages around Azeroth had been brought in to help create stable portals to the areas that needed help, battling the forces of Deathwing and healing the scars the former Earth-Warder left after his emerging. Ome helped Ashe off Bella's back and carried her to the Valley of Wisdom, the spiritual district of Orgrimmar, where the Shamans, Druids and Paladins gathered. While Ashe was in moderate pain, she still tried to lighten the mood.

  Ashe: "That's a damn monster you're riding. How did you manage to tame that thing?"

The old Paladin smiled as they approached one of the spirit huts created for emergency mending. 

  Ome: "Oh trust me, it was no easy task. I will tell you everything once we get you some medical attention."

  Two Trolls, restoration shamans in training, noticed Ome approaching and the injured Goblin in his arms. They immediately dropped the supply crates of herbs they were carrying and rushed to Ashe's aid. 

  Ome: "She has sustained several injuries and is in dire need of mending. Please take care of her."

  Both Trolls nodded in acknowledgement and an Orc woman was called over with a carrying barge. Ome gently lowered her down onto the barge and followed the two trolls carrying Ashe, as the Orc woman started channeling spiritual magic immediately, easing the pain. They carried her off to a nearby tent and continued the mending, as the two trolls joined the incantations of the female Orc. Before Ome left the Shaman to their work, he reassured Ashe.

  Ome: "I'll wait outside until these fine healers are done. Don't worry, I'll be here when you wake up."




  The sun had already begun to set by the time Ashe regained consciousness. She squinted her eyes, looking around the room, slowly waking up. She could barely make out the figure sitting across the dimly lit room. A single stray ray of the setting sun had managed to find it's way past the flap entrance to the tent. As her eyes adjusted, she saw the calm and collected Tauren who had saved her life hours earlier, scouring the pages of what appeared to be a large tome, engraved with various runes and magic symbols. Upon hearing subtle movement from the bed next to him, Ome cast his vision towards Ashe. He let out a sigh of relief.

  Ome: "I'm glad to see that you are no worse for wear. These shamans are very good at their job. Remind me to thank them once we leave."

  Ashe pulled herself up into a reasonable sitting position. She immediately brushed her hand along her previous arm wound which had completely vanished, leaving only a barely noticeable scar. 

  Ashe: "Another scar for the collection. Seems like my father was right. I always get in over my head."

  Once again the Tauren smiled towards Ashe. And in this moment, she had time to see Ome for who he really is. A tough exterior and unbelievable physique rendered him a terrifying sight at first glance. But despite his appearance, his voice was soothing and when he spoke, you could easily tell, he was wise beyond his years. Ashe found herself slowly drifting away into a daydream, imagining how impossible the odds of this mighty Paladin showing up and saving her in the nick of time.

  Ome: "Ashe? Are you alright?

  She quickly snapped back to reality and got on her feet.

  Ashe: "Yes, I appear to be in prime condition given the circumstances."

  Ome nodded towards her and closed his tome.

  Ome: "I'll inform the healers of your recovery. Then we will get you some food and drink. You must be starving."

  As Ome exited the tent, Ashe realized how very hungry she had become. The entire reason for leaving the city in the first place was to find food. She didn't have a single piece of copper to her name  and would rather use her talents to provide for herself than beg on the street. And that's when it hit her. 

  Ashe: "Oh no! Jim! He must be worried sick!"

  Ome returned shortly after to the tent, only to find Ashe already equipped with her armor and weaponry.

  Ome: "The healers cleared you for release. Your wounds were moderate, but nothing they couldn't handle. Follow me to the Inn, I'm buying."

  Ashe: "We need to make a quick stop at my temporary home first. My wolf must be worried sick about me."

  Ome had assumed Ashe's pet had ran off or perished in the fight with the Kodo. But upon hearing the worry in her voice, he didn't hesitate to follow her to the relief tents in the western part of the city mostly inhabited by Trolls. Thankfully the walk there was short. Jim was patiently sitting outside the small tent, looking around in worried anticipation of Ashe's return. After getting a short glimpse of her approach, Jim's ears perked up and ran in excitement towards Ashe, jumping into her arms. Ome couldn't help but smile at the sight, as Ashe cuddled Jim in a warm embrace.

  Ashe: "Oh you silly wolf you! I'm so happy you didn't go looking for me. Don't worry boy, I'm fine. Are you hungry?"

  Jim's tail started waggling at the question and gave a happy howl in response.

  Ashe: "That's what I thought. Ome, you don't mind if Jim tags along do you?" 

  Ome: "Not at all. Quite a wolf you have there and he really seems to love you. I'm quite amazed, you seem to impress at every turn little one. He's almost twice your size."

  As the night approached and the lights of the city took hold, Ome and Ashe made their way to the Inn closest to the entrance of Orgrimmar.  




  While walking down the western ramp to the main trading area of Orgrimmar, Ashe looked around the outstanding city and caught a glimpse of a pair of identical Wind Riders, making their way to the plateau of portals above in the hills. They seemed to heading for the portal to Uldum, the desert inhabited by the Tol'vir, a race of proud warriors, beings on four legs, with the upper body of a human, but the appearance of a feline. They were once warriors made from stone, known as the Neferset. After the curse of flesh, the very same that turned the dwarves to flesh, they were too. Ashe had seen a pair of they ambassadors arriving while they were hovering near the portal area on Bella's back.

   Ashe: "What were those Wind Riders carrying?"

  Ome looked briefly as the Wind Riders disappeared into the portal.

  Ome: "Looks like supplies for Ram'kahen City. We have agreed to joint assistance, helping them wage war with the Neferset. When Deathwing came into this world, he awoke Ragnaros, the Firelord and brought him into our world from the plane of fire. The Windlord, Al'akir, is also on Deathwing's side and they are both causing quite a stir. While Ragnaros has taken refuge in the Firelands, deep in the Hyjal Mountains, Al'akir resides within the Throne of the Four Winds in the skies off the shore of Uldum. A conclave lieutenant of Al'akir, Siamat, has split the Tol'vir in half, turning the willing Tol'vir into their previous stone form - Neferset, in exchange for loyalty to Al'akir and Deathwing."

  Ashe looked curiously at Ome.

 Ashe: "That is only 2 of the elemental primes right? What about the others?"

  Ome sighed in frustration.

  Ome: "Sadly, Therazane has not been as kind a hostess as we had hoped. We are still trying to repair the World Pillar with the assistance of the Earthen Ring, but the Twilight's Hammers forces holds 2 of the pieces hostages. The third piece resides with Therazane at her throne in the northern area of Deepholm and she refuses to turn it over, so we can repair the World Pillar at the Temple of Earth. Neptulon, the Tidehunter is somewhere in Vashj'ir. His location however, is currently unknown, although scouts are reporting massive currents around the Abyssal Depths. Our forward base is in the Kelp'Thar Forest, but the Naga are preventing us from moving into the Shimmering Expanse."

  Âshe looked in awe at the Tauren.

  Ashe: "You sure are knowledgeable, I assume you've experienced the war between Deathwing's forces and us first-hand, haven't you?"

  Ome sank his head and closed his eyes briefly. He had already returned from Vashj'ir, an experience he won't forget easily. 

  Ome: "I have seen many wars and overcome many challenges. But I have never seen these creatures fight with such ferocity before. They are nothing like what we have faced previously. These elementals are limitless and seemingly brim with unstoppable power. But let's not dwell on events we cannot change."

  Ashe wanted to cheer him up, but knew Ome had seen the grim side of war more than enough, so she quiet and kept moving. After making it past the Warchief's Throne Room, Ome directed Ashe to the inn, located in the major part of Orgrimmar, connected directly to the front gate and branching off into all the different districts. Ashe sat down by a table with Jim at her feet, while Ome went to the innkeeper to get food and water. Ashe was still recovering from her sore muscles. Her armor had plenty of scratches from the battle with the Kodo earlier, but thankfully still in functional condition. While waiting for the Paladin come back, she looked around and her eye caught another Tauren, but much bigger in appearance and physique. He was wielding a giant double edged axe with a flat head at the tip. She felt compelled to study the Tauren more, but was interrupted by Ome blocking her view. He gently placed 3 plates, a large bottle of liquid on the small table and a smaller bowl of raw Kodo meat at the feet of Jim, who gently licked Ome's hand in appreciation before starting to devour the contents of the bowl. Ashe looked with excitement over all the different plates of delicate foods in front of her, none of which she could recognize, but nonetheless they looked absolutely delicious.

  Ome: "Feel free to dig in." 

  Ome grabbed a piece of meat, which would most closely resemble a chicken wing to her.

  Ashe: "So what am I looking at Ome? It all looks so delicious, I hope you didn't pay too much for this. I am not exactly of royalty, at least, not anymore. I already had to pay a costly price to get here."

  Ome chuckled as he took a bite from the wing.

  Ome: "This right here is a Butter Carrion Wing. On that plate right there, is Homemade Cherry Pie. And on the last one, you have Sweet Potato Bread. And to flush it all down, I have brought some Honeymint Tea."

  Before Ome even had a chance to point to the pie, Ashe had already cut herself a good slice and ate half of it. She had never tasted anything like it before and with a mouth full gooey goodness she turned to Ome. 

  Ashe: "So Ome, you promised to tell me where you managed to find that Proto Drake. As far as I know, there is none like it in Northrend, but I know very little. The books I've studied are very vague."

  The Tauren wiped a little butter from his beard and mouth and consumed the last of the carrion wing. While pouring a cup of the tea, he started to tell a story she would never forget.




  Ome was an outstanding Paladin, a proud member of the Sunwalkers. He was first deployed against the Lich King's Forces of Naxxramas in Dragonblight located in the southern part of Northrend. He told Ashe of his battle against the minions of Kel'Thuzad and how they finally brought Kel'Thuzad himself to his knees, crushing a major force of undead advances in Northrend, winning a tremendous victory for the Horde. Ome was leading the division of volunteer heroes, who had gathered from far and wide, to help defeat this terrible menace and strike a crippling blow against the Lich King. After the battle, they had a relatively peaceful time, until a famous explorer, known as Brann Bronzebeard, discovered a terrible secret in the ruins of the great titan city, Ulduar. The Titan Watchers had awoken and had been twisted to the will of something disturbingly evil. One of the three Old Gods, Yogg'Saron, had awoken and was now plotting to break free from his prison and unleash terror upon Azeroth. Once more, Ome was called upon, along with many other heroes of the Horde, to lay siege to Ulduar and defeat Yogg'Saron, containing the threat of his return.

  Ome continued to describe the fights that took place and how many days it took for the heroes to battle their way to Yogg'Saron's inner chambers. In the process they had managed to free the Titans from their corruption and they had all promised to aid the heroes in the final battle against Yogg'Saron. He spoke of how he nearly died, bringing down the Monstrous Proto Drake - Razorscale, who roamed free in the skies over Ulduar. Formerly known as Veranus, Thorim's trusty mount, Razorscale was captured and had her wings reforged with metal plates by Ignis, the Furnace Master.. Ome also described the encounter with Kologarn, the Stone Colossus, the only thing standing between the heroes and the Titan Watchers. A giant so big, Ome himself, would not even be the size of his finger nails. After much blood being shed and many brave heroes lost to the forces residing within Ulduar, Ome and the remaining heroes, managed to kill Yogg'Saron and stop his escape from Ulduar.




  Ome: "And so the Titan Watchers, who were now free of Yogg'Saron's corruption, rewarded us with the last remaining offspring of Razorscale. They bound them with a rune in each wing, allowing the owner full control of the Drake."

  Ashe and Ome had during the conversation eaten all the food and consumed all the tea. Ashe had listened to his tale with much excitement and took another sip of her last cup of tea.

  Ashe: "So that's where you got the Drake from. Amazing! I myself could never ride one of those things. Too bumpy for me. And terrifying."

  Ome sat down his mug gently and looked at her with a skeptical expression.

  Ome: "Is that so? You've got my curiosity. Your pet is a wolf of significant size. You tackle danger head-on. What mighty creature is fit enough to carry your weight, Ashe? I don't recall seeing you with a mount."

  It was then Ashe lit up like a Christmas tree and got an excited expression on her face.

  Ashe: "Well, it's no Proto-Drake, but I still take pride in my mount. How about I show you?"

  Ashe gestured for Jim to follow her and Ome outside. Ome took the plates and bowl, delivered them to the Innkeeper and thanked him for the meal, then walked outside to meet Ashe. As they reached an open area in front of the Warchief's Throne, Ashe let out a gentle whistle that could barely be heard. Fast and as smooth as the wind, Ome looked above and caught the shadow of a giant pair of bright red, flapping wings. After the sleek creature landed his jaw dropped to the floor, as he was truly in awe. He was lost for words, as the sight before him was incredible. How a Goblin managed to pull this off, was beyond his comprehension.

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