Remnants of a Surrendered Legacy: the Story of Tiaera Cinderblood

Removed, see chapter 1 for details


1. Note from the Author.

If you are here, it is because you found your way here expecting to read something I have written, which has won a competition on this website.


First I would like to take this chance to thank all who have read this title. I have loved writing this story, and have many other chapters in progress as of right now in continuation.

Sadly, even though it was over a year ago, I haven't received all the prizes I was promised for winning the World of Warcraft writing competition. For that reason, this story has been taking down and will no longer be here until I get the rest of the promised prizes. I had warned Movellas of this actiion, and they have refused to co-operate. I believe I have been long patient, and it gives me a heavy heart to remove my story from a place that gained so much community support. (even if the website is swamped with One Direction Fan Fics. Gross.)

It will continue to be posted in other places with the same name, if you want to keep up. :)

-Amanda Pink
aka Pinkerchu

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