I Met Him Once

I am a fan of Doctor Who. I wont lie. I am a massive fan. This is a story not so much about the Doctor himself, but more about the life of someone he met. He travels through time and space. He interacts with many species and inhabitants, but this story is dedicated to a made up character who met The Doctor, and his post encounter life


1. The Day I Met Him

I met him once. That man. That wonderful man. The man who storms in to your life, turns everything upside down and then leaves, without even having the courtesy to close the door on the way out. You live your whole life believing one thing. Those other things can't really exist can they? My reality is the right one. What I believe is normal, and anything else is scary. Well, that's what I believed, until that day. You could forgive me for thinking it was going to be a normal day. Same suit. Same commute. Oh and did I mention the sky was burning? It didn't usually burn. No, that was new. New Earth had experienced its fair share of tough times. The White Plauge, The Great Rebellion. But the invasion of the Sontarons was something else. It was clear they were up there, hovering above our feeble planet, but it was unclear what they wanted. One minute we were all happy. The next, choking. They had released a toxic gas into the atmosphere. We had heard stories of how thjis had happened to our great anscestors on Old Earth, but never truly believed them. It was a story you told around a cyber fire to your camp mates, not something you lived. So, if it happened, what saved them? We were still humans, not short, bald and lusting for battle. So, obviously, our anscestors had fought of the Sontarons. We searched for weapons, a way to rid ourselves of our impending death, but as it turns out, our victory landed in our front garden. That blue box that always shows up... Always

He had that aura about him, that 'im gonna do whatever I want and there's not really much you can do about it' aura. We all kind of stood back in awe and let him do his thing. I remember him telling us how he saved our great great great and so forth grandparents from Sontarons. I had to help him collect the materials for his "it's not a weapon" weapon, and I like to think I impressed him. Before I knew it, the sky was covered with glorious flames. He spoke of how it reminded of a place called Galifrey. A place maybe one day i'll learn more of. The threat was over, and he began to leave. But oh no, that's not how I was going to let this end. I had questions. The biggest one being: Who the hell are you. I could tell he had answered these questions a million times over. I could see it in his eyes. The form of a young man, but he held in his eyes things no mere man could endure. It was what most intrigued me about him. His air of mystery. He would save entire planets but no one knew his name. Well, his real name. He was known though. Oh boy was that man known. Known throughout galaxies that didn't even exist yet. I met him once. That man. That Doctor.



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