I Met Him Once

I am a fan of Doctor Who. I wont lie. I am a massive fan. This is a story not so much about the Doctor himself, but more about the life of someone he met. He travels through time and space. He interacts with many species and inhabitants, but this story is dedicated to a made up character who met The Doctor, and his post encounter life


3. Closing Time

"...and here are your pills for today Mr Greene.... Mr Greene?" I wasn't interested in anything the nurse had to give me today. I had that feeling again. That feeling I had felt all those years ago. All those years ago, on the day that I met him. I'd have liked to say now, that I had treasured that moment, and done something constructive with my life. I'd like to say that I hadn't wasted 27 years building hopeful contraptions and machine's to aid my search for him. Oh, I'd like to say all of that. But I've never been one for lies. I've struggled to put my shattered sanity back together since that day. And now, here I am. Rotting in the Oaks of Love Retirement home. I have no one to blame but myself. I blamed him for a while. I maintained that by saving my life, he destroyed it.

But, today, I had that feeling again. That feeling that it was going to be an ordinary day, with a touch of extra ordinary thrown in. So I sat, waiting for him. I knew any moment now, that magnificent box would appear in the gardens, and I would wheel myself down to see him once again. I had done this every day for 8 years now. Oh, don't feel bad for me. I could have not let our ecounter define my life. But, I did. This is how my life would end. In waiting.

That night I lay my head down with a heavy heart, starting to wonder if he would ever return. And, as I closed my eyes for the final time, I drifted of to the sound of that machine. That wonderful machine, and the larger than life, magnificent man, who stood within it. I met him once. That travelling Doctor. Only once.  But it defined my life. That man, who turns your life upside down. I met him once....




Thanks for reading guys :) I'd love to hear your idea's on a story you think I may be able to write well, So let me know in the comments section! Thanks so much for reading :)

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