I Met Him Once

I am a fan of Doctor Who. I wont lie. I am a massive fan. This is a story not so much about the Doctor himself, but more about the life of someone he met. He travels through time and space. He interacts with many species and inhabitants, but this story is dedicated to a made up character who met The Doctor, and his post encounter life


2. Bigger On The Inside

I trusted him. I mean, how could you not? A man who just saved 8 billion lives is not exactly going to leave much doubt in your mind whether or not to trust him. I've got a feeling all you can do is trust him. He doesn't provide much solid evidence as to why, but you do. After the ordeal, after I had asked my questions, he seemed anxious to leave. I had learned that his box was some sort of time machine. I knew time machine's existed. You'd be foolish not to in this universe. I just thought they would be a little more ... impressive. I verbalised that thought. It's something he must have heard often. He looked at me with those eyes, those, age old eyes. But he smiled like a child eager to show his parents what his new toy did. He gestured towards his time machine, or T.A.R.D.I.S as he called it. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. I thought we would go in one at a time. After all, it was a police telephone box! He entered first and I followed him, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

Massive! i stood in awe. It was bigger, much bigger, on the inside. Possesing a mere human mind, I couldn't comprehend this at the time. it wasn't possible. All the blinking lights, the stairs and hallways. All the time he just sat and watched me. He had watched this before. I could tell. He just smiled. He was proud of his beautiful machine. Never growing tired of the reactions of the mortals who entered. While I didn't understand most things about him, there was one thing that perplexed me most about him. He was alone. This hero. All alone in his box. Travelling the universe with no one to see it with. Looking back, it was a mistake to ask him about it. The childish expression on his face dissappeared and a sudden solemn look fell over his entire face. He wasn't alone by choice. He explained how he had lost so many friends, people he loved, the reason for so many deaths. And then I realised. I felt so guilty for not seeing it sooner. Why this man, this timetraveller who arrived, saved you and left, was in such a rush to leave. I had wondered at first why someone with all the time in the universe had been in a hurry. He was running. Not of something, or someone, but from himself. The man who runs forever and dare not look back, out of shame.

I honored his plight, amd left his machine soonb after. After saying goodbye, I stood and watched as that wonderful machine faded away towards it's next chapter. The Doctor could forget people. He had to. The people he met however, would remember him always. I know I do. I needed him. How can you meet someone like that, only to have them fade away for ever? I regreted letting him leave. In a way I was mad. How could be so influential and then just leave? I would find him again. I didn't know how, or when, or where. But I would find him. I didn't realise it then, but life without The Doctor isn't life. And I would one day live again.


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