The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


2. Were it all started.


It was a cold winter’s night and my household was complete silent and there I was playing on my computer like you do I should have been doing homework yes the maths one that you hate doing but never mind all that this is a book about me not homework!. Well there I was playing away I was about to put my headphones in until I heard a loud bang from down satires I walked to the top of the stair’s and listened closely BANG! There it was again! I tiptoed slowly down the wooden stairs and popped my small head around the corner all I remember is that my dad went to answer it then about 1 or 4 men barged in I think it was 4 or it might have been more just remember that I have been to sleep after all this happened so I do lose my memory yes they barged through with guns and knives and a dark ski mask over their faces probably just to hide how ugly their faces was or they might have been old. My mum screamed and ran right past me and into the kitchen then 2 of the men followed her luckily for me they didn’t see me . My mum tripped so the 2 men grabbed her by her legs and dragged her across the wooden floor. I ran upstairs I shut my bedroom door as fast as I could lucky for me the door didn’t come off. I grabbed my computer and my teddy bear that I called Hannah and I hid in my wardrobe it was a tight fit but I managed to get in it. Then it was all silent then I heard loud footsteps walking around my room they made it pretty clear that they were there because they sounded like elephants. They were shouting I could just make out what they were saying “WERE ARE YOU LITTLE GIRL?” little girl are you being serious I’m 15 that’s not little at all!.

I was wishing that they didn’t open the wardrobe door, then it all turned silence was it safe to get out? Or might I stay here a little longer? Oh well I thought and climbed out.  Still my teddy in my hands I went downstairs I turned my head around the corner and I was shocked to see what happened there they were my parents dead! I ran up to my father and cried and cried

“Oh father I love you so much whoever did this to you I will get revanged   just wait and see”  I whispered to myself  I slowly got up and just stood there looking at them. I never thought humans could be so cruel. This afternoon changed my whole life forever

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