The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


6. Mission 2 and 3

I went to grab my coat I slammed the door as I left I couldn’t be bothered to close it I don’t care if I get robbed I just want everything to be over I was to just start on my sandwich when all of a sudden “Boom!” a familiar voice said

I turned around and looked at him “excuse me” I said in shock “I was just about to eat and you irrupted me!”

“Sorry miss” he said quietly

“Anyway why you here?” I said just to start of my sandwich for the second time

“Over there” he pointed to 2 men standing talking to each other laughing their heads off “the other men you need are you ready to kill them miss then you have pay back?”

“Sure whatever” I say “let me eat my lunch first” trying to eat it again

“No!”He shouted and replaced the sandwich with a gun

“Aww but I didn’t even touch it” I moaned

“Just kill them miss!” he shouted again

“Fine” I walked over to the men they both were looking at me now laughing away

“What you going to do kill us?” one of the men shouted

“Wait and see” I whispered back I pointed the gun towards them but before I could shoot no! I thought I need to get out of this mess my parents would be ashamed of me they never thought of me as a murder I needed to get home.

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