The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


5. Mission 1


I went upstairs and lay in my bed and hid in the covers and closed my eyes I dreamed about the night when my parents got killed and then I saw the man falling down yes it was the man I killed he was looking at me. 123 BANG! The sound of the gun made me jump and I was now awake tears coming from my red eyes. Then my fairy god mother come well it’s the fairy creature but I just call him my fairy god mother he never told me his name but oh well.

“Hello good morning, you ready for today” he said

No I though today is today I’m a human and then it come to mind I’m ready to do this.

“Yes” I said

“Good now go and change and I meet you outside!” he said flying away singing as he went

I grabbed clothes out my wardrobe and put them on then I went down satires grabbed my keys and went out the door I was walking down the street talking to my fairy god mother as I went

“There!” he screamed making me jump as we stopped he was pointing at a man talking on a mobile phone drinking his can of beer.

“he killed your mum and he was going to kill you if he found you!, now’s your chance to kill him!” he said passing me a large knife “good luck” he said and flew off

Right okay I’m going to kill him still holding the knife I ran towards him he spotted me right away because he was going to run but before he did I stabbed him the arm and then he fell whacking his head as he fell. His blood was all over my hands I was shaking but I know I needed to get out of here before I get caught so I ran home and I slammed the door as fast as I could I thought I needed to kill 2 more men oh no how can I can do it I don’t want to be a murder for the rest of my life I went into the living room and cried and cried I wanted all this to stop but I knew that was never goanna happen I just needed to do it.

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