The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


3. Let The NightMare Begin

My Name is Lauren Smith I’m now 24 and the vision of that afternoon still hides in the back of my mind. I miss my parents so much and I wished they could see me now and see how I’m handling life without them. I’m now a performer I love my job and everything that it involves. my vision about humans still haven’t changed  I still think there cruel and everything they do is well just plain evil. It was a Monday afternoon and I just finished work and I was walking home well I normally take the bus but I felt like I needed to stretch my legs so I decided to walk. Well there I was walking away and I spotted a man in the distance and it looked like the man who killed my father on  that horrible night I looked a little closer and it was! Yes it was him I rember  the old man face behind them ski masks  I remember how they walked and I rember how they spoke  and yes it was him. I wanted to walk up to him and give him a piece of my own medicine. I wanted to shout at him but I couldn’t. I thought too fast and I grabbed the gun out my bag you might be wondering why I keep a gun in my bag but I use it for my protection so I don’t get attacked in the streets. There I was I grabbed the gun out my bag and pointed it at the man no I couldn’t. Yes I thought before he kills anyone else and they might be someone’s mother or father or both like he killed mine!. I pointed it at him he was looking at me now and he was running towards me but before he could attack me 123 BANG! I shot him. Yes an girl like me killed a man like him and he was lying there dead! I ran and ran  and got to my house I got the keys out my pocket I dropped them twice as my hands were shaking as mad when I finally got in I slammed my door as fast as I could. I was still shaking then I realised what I have done

“Ahhhh!” I screamed “I’m a murder!”

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