The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


7. Last Time On Earth

I ran home I didn’t want to take any transport because they would just annoy me even more so I ran. I ran to the skink in the kitchen and washed my hands I didn’t want to look at them they were just the hands of a killer. My vision was worse than before I screamed “IM A MURDER!”

I grabbed the knife out my pocket. Pointed it to myself.  And I stabbed myself I fell to the floor all my blood everywhere I’m in my happy place. Heaven. I’m with my mum and dad I still don’t dare to tell them what happened but shh that’s our little now a ghost and remembers the thing at the start of the story? Well that’s me. I’m happy now no one tells me what to do expect for my mum and dad. My vision about humans still haven’t changed, my life was one big mess and being a grown up isn’t the best thing in the world well we all learn from mistakes and also one more thing never and I mean never let a fairy creature or fairy go and   ruin your life.

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