The Night Mare

Can Lauren Take Revange On The Killers Who Killed Her Parents?


4. Hello Little Man

I was making myself a cup of tea when all of a sudden this light and fog appeared I was coughing too much to make out what has just happened then I made it out it was this fairy creature I just stood there looking at him with a blank face when all the fog and lights dispersed he spoke in a high voice

“Hello!” he screamed on the top of his lungs I jumped backwards and I started laughing I turned around and now he was looking at me blank

“Hello, are you going to answer me or I am just talking to air!”   He screamed again

“Calm down” I say trying to hold in my laughter “who are you? What are you? And why are you even here?”  I said again still trying to hold my laughter in

“Ha-ha! A lot of questions, well I’m here because I know you want to get back at them people who killed your parent and I’m here to make your dreams come true!”

“So like a fairy god mother?” I asked

“Umm you could say that” he said looking happy

I turned around to my cup of tea  yes I wanted to get back at those people who killed my mum and dad but I didn’t want to harm them oh what I am I thinking I just killed one of them so of course I can kill 3 more!

“Maybe” I said quietly still facing my cup of tea I swear that tea is cold now thanks fairy you made my tea go cold I thought!

“Good!” smiling away with a huge grin showing his teeth

“How are you going to help me you know get them back?” I said twirling my spoon around my tea still annoyed about the fact he made my tea go cold

“Well I’m going to follow you around and when I see one of the men who killed your mum and dad I’ll tell you and you kill them! Simple!” he said laughing

“But then I be a murder” no I couldn’t kill them I’ve already killed one of them and I’m not doing it again!

“Are you going to do it then miss?” he said starting at me with puppy dog eyes

“Yes ill do it! I said shaking the small fairy’s hand I thought I’m one of those people now who kill for a living I wasn’t an angle in heaven I was now a human who belongs in hell

“I see you in the morning then” he said and all of a sudden then he flew away

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