And We Have Come to This

I tried to write a Shakespearean sonnet, iambic pentameter, three quatrains, a turn, a couplet, all that. My first attempt at form ever, and ... *drum roll* ... it's not great. It's ... pretty? I'm going to keep working on structure! *determined*

*covers eyes* Gosh, the iambic pentameter is so off.

What was I really thinking about ... Erik and Charles from X-men: First Class! I sonnetified the emotion I felt regarding their relationship. But this has no bearing on the actual reading of the poem.


1. the attempted sonnet


As with the white pure blossoms thou blew forth

From thy sweet mouth to mine made ardent lips

Betwixt us love’s first harvest bursts henceforth

Aloft a breeze ne’er of breath eclipsed.

Close pressed we danced dust motes in bright soft beams

Love-blind our sight permits for no obstructs

Within the pretty hollow of our dreams

A prick the luminescent sphere destructs.

Now winds scatter petals before mine face

Thou grinds thy teeth to shred the bloom

Of delicate nectars only a trace

Enough for mine sad heart to self-consume.

The world outside hungered for our souls’ bliss;

Alas, Beloved, that we have come to this.

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