One-Shots! :)

Der vil helt simpelt bare komme one-shots om One Direction :) Jeg håber at I vil læse dem og evt. skrive hvad I synes om dem?


2. 12 Months Without You (A Zayn Malik One Shot)


Summary: 12 months without the one you love feels like an eternity. Kate moves to America, Zayn stays in London. They communicate by letters and phone calls, but what happens when Zayn starts to ignore Kate's letters and phone calls?


A/N: The boys are not famous in this. Liam and Niall lives in America in this.


First Month (March)

Hey Zaynie,

Are you doing okay? I am. I met these great guys,

Liam Payne and Niall Horan and a really sweet girl,

Danielle Peazer. I think you could be great friends

with them, just sayin'. All jokes aside, I just

wanted to let you know how much I miss you and

how I wish I was with you and Haz and Lou

and El back in London. But sadly, I'm not :(

Stupid parents, eh?

Tell the guys and El I say hello, I looooooove you!

Xx Kate


This was the first letter Kate wrote to Zayn. She had only been gone for 2 weeks, and she was already missing him like crazy. She send it a few days ago, and was anxious for an answer. She really, really missed him. Him and England.


“Kate-babe. Kate. Kate. KATE CALM THE FUCK DOWN!” said Liam, though he yelled the last part. “What?” asked Kate who had been shaking, mumbled and walking back and forth the past 30 minutes. “You haven't stood still for like 30 minutes. He'll call when it's time.” Danielle continued.


“I know, I know.. But.. I send that letter a week ago.. I'm just.. I don't know” Kate sighed and shook her head. “Actually, this was at your door yesterday when we came over..” Niall said and gave Kate a letter. “Oh my God, NIALL! Why would you hide that!?” Kate practically screamed. “They told me to!” explained the irish boy and pointed to the happy couple.

“Arh, fuck it” Kate laughed and ripped open the letter:


Hey Clumsy,

I'm doing just fine, I miss you though.

I hope they treat you well, and I hope they

have absolutely no interest in you at all.

I don't want competition ;)

Hazza says hello, so does Lou.. El says:

'Tell her how much I love her, but that I am

mad that she abounded me, with only you


Girl, she miss you. London miss you too.

And yes, your parents are complete tossers..

Your mum is hot though.

Say hello to your friends from me, I'll call

you later this week. I love you too.

Xx Zayn


“Why did he call you 'clumsy'?” asked Danielle, “Y'know.. I was clumsy around him until we started dating.. It kinda just stayed there..” Kate admitted and blushed weakly. “Aw, that's cuuute..” Danielle whined and stole the letter to read it for her self.


Second Month (April)

Kate (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 17.53 UK time): I miss u.


Zayn (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 17.57 UK time): U too.. Harry says hi :) x


Kate (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.01 UK tim): What are you doing? Having fun?


Zayn (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.02 UK time): Just hanging with Harry, doing homework. So no, I am not having fun. How about you?


Kate (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.04 UK time): I'm waiting for Danielle to be done so we can go out for brunch with Niam


Zayn (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.04 UK time): Niam? New friend?


Kate (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.06 UK time): Nooo, Niam is Niall and Liam put together. Niam. Like Louis and Harry = Larry.


Zayn (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.07 UK time): Ahh.. How about us? What's our couple name?


Kate (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.08 UK time): Hmm.. IDK, I would say Zate or something.. Gotta go now, Dani's here :) Love ya


Zayn (Sent: 4/13/2012 at 18.08 UK time): Byyye :)



“I still miss you” Katie sighed to the phone,

“I know Clumsy.. I miss you too” Zayn said on the other line, “But we both knew this wasn't going to be easy..”

“I guess, you're right.. Listen, I gotta go Dani and Ni's here, Love ya” Katie said and smiled at her friends.

“You sound American..” Zayn chuckled and shook his head, “I love you too” he added before Kate hung up.


Third Month (May)

Dear Zayn,

I love you so much.

Xx Kate


That was all Kate wrote to Zayn, she knew it was enough cause just a week after she got a response:


I know,

I love you too.

Xx Zayn


That was pretty much all the communication throughout the third month.


Fourth Month (June)

“I'm tired of you always spending time with those guys and that girl, we barely even write anymore!” Zayn said in a harsh voice.

“I know that! And I hate it! But I don't want to fight right now, so I'll talk to you whenever!” Kate said and hung up.


Their first fight in 6 months. She sunk down, back against the wall and started crying softly. It had only been four months, and everything was falling apart.


Fifth Month (July)

Sorry babe, I just miss you.

Remember our first date?

When you threw up all over

a bouquet roses, and I had

to buy them to you?

Xx Zayn


That was what the card that belonged to the massive rose-bouquet that was outside her door the 5th of July. “He remembered” she sighed and hugged the roses. It was their anniversary today, 2 years together. That was amazing. She knew she loved him, and she knew he loved her..


Sixth Month (August)

Zayn (Sent: 8/18/2012 at 12:09 UK time): How's life? :) x


Kate (Sent: 8/18/2012 at 12.10 UK time): Zayn.. It's 4 am over here.. But everything is good, I still haven't changed my time yet :( x


Zayn (sent: 8/18/2012 at 12.11 UK time): Sorry babe, love you.


Seventh Month (September)

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE” Zayn, Harry, Louis and Eleanor cheered through the phone on September 18th, also knows as Kate's birthday. She laughed and couldn't help but smile.


“Hey guys, I miss yoooou” Kate said and looked around in the half-dark room. “We miss you too.. And I hate you for leaving me with these tossers..” Eleanor said and laughed, soon Kate had joined her. “Sorry El” Kate said and shook her head.


“Have a great birthday Clumsy” Zayn said before hanging up.


Eighth Month (October)

Hello Zaynie.

It's been awhile since we last

communicated. Call, text, write.. Anything?

I love you, and say hello to El,

Harry and Lou from me.

Xx Kate


That letter was sent on October 6th, no response.


Kate (Sent: 10/23/2012 at 16:06 UK time): Are you ignoring me?


Kate (Sent: 10/23/2012 at 16:49 UK time): Babe..? Did I do something wrong? :(


Kate (Sent 10/23/2012 at 18:03 UK time): Zaaaaaaaaaaaayn?


Kate (Sent 10/31/2012 at 20:04 UK time): Happy Halloween.. Please call or text me? :) x


Kate (Sent 10/31/2012 at 23:38 UK time): Zayn! Will you stop ignoring me!?


Kate (Sent 10/31/2012 at 23:57 UK time): You're an arse.


Ninth Month (November)

Kate (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.04 UK time): El? Is Zayn mad at me?


Eleanor (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15:06 UK time): IDK, haven't talked to him since your b-day.


Kate (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.06 UK time): Oh.. It's just, he's ignoring me..


Eleanor (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.07 UK time): He's ignoring you, me, Harry and Lou


Kate (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.09 UK time): Hello Eleanor? This is Danielle. Kate's having a nervous break down.. Please find out what is going on?


Eleanor (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.12): Sure thing. Thanks for taking care of my BFF..


Kate (Sent: 11/5/2012 at 15.13): No problem, she's great!




Dear Zayn..

Please, please, please, please

stop ignoring me, El, Haz and Lou.

I'm worried, they're worried.

I love you, write me, call me, text me.

Xx Kate


Tenth Month (December)

Kate (Sent: 12/24/2012 at 12:03 UK time): Happy B-day Lou :P Anything new from Zayn?


Louis (Sent: 12/24/2012 at 12.04 UK time): Thanks! And sadly, no. So sorry.


Kate (Sent: 12/24/2012 at 12.06 UK time): I guess I'm used to it by now.. Love you Lou, merry christmas..


Louis (sent: 12/24/2012 at 12.07 UK time): Merry Christmas, love you too.





If you even read these

letters, merry christmas,

and happy new years.

Love you,

Xx Kate




Kate (Sent: 12/31/2012 at 23.07 UK time): Happy new years!


Kate (Sent: 12/31/2012 at 23.21 UK time): You're still an arse. Really.


Eleventh Month (January)

Eleanor (Sent: 1/13/2013 at 15.08 UK time): News about Zayn.. You wanna know..


Kate (Sent: 1/13/2013 at 15.09 UK time): What is it!?


Eleanor (Sent: 1/13/2013 at 15.11 UK time): I overheard Joan and Lindsey talking about Zayn cheating on you with Erica.


Eleanor (Sent: 1/13/2013 at 16.07 UK time): Kate?


Twelth Month (February)

Kate was determined to go back to London for just a few days, to clear out those rumours.

It felt like it had been an eternity since last time she had seen Harry, Zayn, Louis and Eleanor. And in next month, she would bring Niall, Liam and Danielle with her to London.


She wanted to try and text Zayn once more:


Kate (Sent: 2/17/2013 at 16.18 UK time): I love you. Text, write, call.. I really miss you. :) x


And she wanted to write once more:



This is too much.

Why are you ignoring me?

You probably aren't even

reading these.

Anyway, I'm coming to

London next month.

Love you,

Xx Kate


Thirteenth Month (March)

There she stood, outside Zayn's door. She knocked the door, and his mother answered.

“Erica, you're here. Zayn's ready to study in his room” the older woman said and stepped aside for the young lady who immediately ran to her secret boyfriend's room.


“Who can that be?” Zayn's mother asked her self as she went to open the door again.

“Kate?” she asked in disbelief. Kate nodded weakly. “Can I come in?” the girl asked, and Zayn's mother stepped aside immediately.

“Go up to Zayn's room, he's just studying..” Trisha said and smiled at her son's girlfriend.


Kate muttered a 'thanks' and then walked up the stairs and opened the door, where she found her boyfriend's naked body on top of Erica Skuller's naked body. “Oh my God, Zayn!!” Kate said so low it wasn't audible.

“IS THIS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING INSTEAD OF CALLING ME, TEXTING ME, WRITING ME!?” Kate suddenly screamed, and Zayn's head snapped and the he slowly turned his head to see Kate. “Baby please..” he said, “NO! You listen to me Zayn Malik. I've been crying my fucking eyes out because you haven't been answering me or contacting me for 5 months! And now I find out that it's because of this slut!? It's over, Zayn. It's definitely over!” Kate said and ran out the room, down the stairs, and was about to leave the house when strong arms hugged her tight. She turned and saw Zayn, completely naked, holding her. “Let me go Zayn!” she said in a harsh tone. “No! I made a mistake. But I love you, and you love me. You do still love me.. Right?” Zayn asked his broken girlfriend while tears streamed down his face. Zayn's family only overheard the fight, Erica glared daggers at Kate as she left.

Kate didn't answer before Erica was out of the house.

“Yes. I do love you. But sometimes love isn't enough. You just proved that” Kate said, and got out of Zayn's embrace. “Bye Zayn, may you rodden in hell you cheating bastard” Kate said before she went out the door and smacked with it.

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