The embarrassement within.

Lexie is just an average 19 year old girl. Except for the whole "crush" and "boyfriend" side of things. But when the new boy comes to university, her whole world changes.


3. The Weekend.

'You'll understand someday.' He looked at the blonde. Then ran after her whilst she giggled. I screamed.

'Shhh, honey, same dream again?' My mum was holding me tightly.

'Yes but lately the setting keeps changing. Today I was at the beach. And the waves just swallowed me up.'

'You did go to the beach, with him once. Oh well. We have fruit waffels downstairs.' I ran downstairs.

I secured a plate of three waffels from the reach of my brother. He kept eyeing them up as he had finished his already.

'You should see a therapist about your "Dreams"' He was saying it tautingly. So that I'd be annoyed and throw my food at him, giving him the waffels. And a victory. So instead I said.

'Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. I'll talk to mum about that.'

'Hey! You weren't supposed to say that!' Then he stormed out. Mum brushed past him as she walked in.

'Was he trying to get your food again? He is so greedy!' I smiled and ate my pancakes.

Just two days till school. That's so long. I thought. Wait. Why am I counting down to school? Ugh. Ami was right. I am getting wrapped up in work.

'Lexie? Lexie?' Mum waved a hand in front of me. 'Lexie! Stop daydreaming!' I jumped backwards.

'Sorry mum. Oh I'm gonna be late.'

'It's Saturday and you don't have school. Oh right your going out with Ami today.' I nodded and grabbed my purse. Mum handed me a fifty.

'From your no-good father.' I put it in my purse.

'Thanks mummy.' I kissed her and ran outside to wait for Ami.

Beep! Beep! Honk!

I jerked my head up again and realised the car. I got up and ran over but I received a look so I slowed to a walk and sat in the back. 'Hey, Ami.' I received a look again through the mirror in the car. 'Hello Amelie.' She smiled.

'Good morning Alexia. This is my boyfriend, you've met before.'

'Yes, indeed we have.' I should explain. Ami got herself a boyfriend whose very posh and very rich. He looks down on "commoners" and "chavs" So Ami forces herself and me to be "posh"

'Nice to see you again, Alexia. We are attending a theatre show and then we shall spend some time browsing the boutiques around this, this,'

'This what Joque?' I said.

'This little, disguisting town. It's full of those little commoners. I despise commoners.' I bit my lip, because I knew I would snap at him. I evil eyed Ami in the mirror. She looked apologetic.

Once we arrived I managed to drag her away from him for five minutes.

'Lexie, will you help me?' The worst thoughts started running through my head.

'Are you pregnant?' She looked stunned.

'God, no! I just don't love him any more. I can't stand it. Looking down on us like we're trash. Please help me.' I grinned. 'What? What are you gonna, wait no! Where are you going!' I was heading towards Joque. I got to him just as Ami caught up with me.

'Hey Joque! Lookie here, I am sick of you. Looking down on us. I ain't posh and I'm proud.' I rambled on for at least 15 minutes in a fake yet persuassive chav voice. He scoffed.

'Amelie, Let's go. I can't stand illiterates.' Ami looked disguisted.

'Woah, woah, hold up. Dude. Seriously! She can read and write thank you so don't you use your fancy words to impress me. 'Cause, dufus, I ain't falling for it. Get lost.' He looked hurt, then scoffed and just walked away like the snob he is.

'Nice one!' We high fived and headed for lunch.

'Meet me after school at McDonalds tomorrow?' Ami asked.

'I can't I've got a lecture about the FBI and the BAU. Sorry.' She rolled her eyes and we carried on.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly.

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