The embarrassement within.

Lexie is just an average 19 year old girl. Except for the whole "crush" and "boyfriend" side of things. But when the new boy comes to university, her whole world changes.


2. The New Boy.

I walked into school this morning. Nothing had changed really. In fact all that had changed was moving another year up and having a new timetable. Oh and the new boy. I scanned over my timetable. Hmmm. Criminology, room 117B. I headed straight for the room. On the way I bumped into some guy.

'Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.' I said.

'It's ok, I was the one blocking the hallway. Say, I'm new around here and I was wondering if you knew where room 117B is?'

I smiled before answering 'Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm going there right now. Criminology, right?' He looked relieved.

'Yeah, criminology. I'm Zack by the way.'

'Lexie. Lexie Fielding.' He smiled 'I like the name Zack'

'I like the name Lexie. We should go?' I nodded and lead him to the class. Luckily we weren't late.

'Here it is. Umm, I'm going to sit with Ami, my best friend, you can join us or theres usually a whole table purely for boys.'

'Nice, thanks.' He headed to an empty table. I shrugged and walked to mine and Ami's table. I hung my bag over the chair and sat down.

'Hey, Ami! Have you met the new boy?'

'Uh huh! He's so dreamy. So err what's his name?'

'Zack' I laughed. It was typical of Ami to fancy someone but not even know their name.

'Ooooo, Zack. Hmmmm. Zackery. Zackeriha. hehe' I rolled my eyes. Then our teacher walked in.

'Good morning class. Welcome to Criminology. I suppose most of you are looking at careers in Law Enforcement. Right? Because if your not. Why are you here?' When she had finished talking the whole of the table of boys just got up and left. And supprisingly so did Ami and two other girls. It left just me, Zack and some other kid. 'Right, now that's out of the way, any questions on criminology or law Enforcement?' It took me till now to realise how much she reminded me of SSA. Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds. I tried not to say this or to laugh.

Instead I asked 'So, can taking this course lead to a job in The FBI or the BAU?' She laughed.

'Yes. I take it you watch Criminal Minds?' I noddded. 'It is a good show. And my first name is Emily.' I mouthed wow as she went through a presentation on the board.

After class Zack came up to me and asked if I wanted to study with him for the end of term exam. So I said 'Sure'

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