The embarrassement within.

Lexie is just an average 19 year old girl. Except for the whole "crush" and "boyfriend" side of things. But when the new boy comes to university, her whole world changes.


4. Job Interview

'Oh and don't forget your briefcase!' I was rushing around for a reason. I had a job interview. And not just for some big or small company. It was for the FBI.

'Mum' She carried on. 'Mum.' No response. 'MUM!' She jumped

'Sorry darling, yes?' I smiled.

'Stop fussing. Yes this is important but still, relax a bit. I'll get stressed if your stressed.'

'Yes babes' She kissed my cheek. I picked up my briefcase. I grabbed my breakfast bar. I hugged my mum and brother and headed outside. I sat on the bench outside waiting. A car pulled up outside my house and my mum chucked me the keys. Well extra set. I caught them and headed to the car. My uncle stepped out.

'Here is your car. Late birthday present.' He smiled and walked to the house. 'Your mum in?' I nodded and he carried on walking. I got into the car. I started driving to the FBI headquarters. I parked and paid for my ticket. I walked into the main reception.

'Lexie Fielding for an interview.' I said to the receptionist. She looked up for about two seconds and looked back at her computer. She passed me a visitors badge and a map with an interview room circled on it. I smiled at the reception and headed on my way. I bumped into a woman on the way.

'Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!'

'It's fine, it's fine.' She smiled at me, and saw my map. 'Interview room 9? Your going the wrong way.' I blushed whilst she told me the correct route.

I sat in a waiting area. Nervous of what was going to happen.

'Lexie?' I stood up 'Come on in.'

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