The embarrassement within.

Lexie is just an average 19 year old girl. Except for the whole "crush" and "boyfriend" side of things. But when the new boy comes to university, her whole world changes.


5. Back at Uni.

I was sat at my desk, reading through the text books when Zack came and sat next to me.

'Hey.' He said.

'Oh, hi Zack.' I tried not to sound too suprised.

'Oh? You not liking me anymore?' I blushed.

'Sorry, didn't realise you were... umm..' He laughed.

'Wanna make it up to me?' I raised my eyebrows.


'Kiss me. In the lunch room. At 12:30.'

'Umm, sure.' The bell rang. I grabbed my books and litterally ran to the common room. I scanned the room. There was no one there. I sat down at the desk I usually used and opened my text book. I read the first line of the new chapter: Emotions: Love. The first line read: It's ok to feel embarresed about being in love with another person. Great. This is really going to get my mind off of Zack.

Another bell rang. 11:30. The first load of lunch servings. Usually they are the worst. Busy and terrible old leftovers. I prefer the 1:30 lunch. They bring out all the good stuff, and usually only the really studious people (like me) go to this lunch. I study until the 12:30 lunch bell rings. I got up and put my stuff into my locker. I decorated it with pictures of my family. Then I sighed and headed to the lunch room entrance. I stood there waiting for 15 minutes when Zack and his friends arrived.

"So this is the one you picked?" One of his friends said.

"Yeah, she owes him an apology." Says another one.

"Well then, I best apologise and get out of your busy scheduel." I say. Zack laughs.

"You're not a 12:30 luncher are you?" I shake my head. 12:30 lunchers are usually popular people. "Well then, why don't we do this after school?" I nod and run off.

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