The embarrassement within.

Lexie is just an average 19 year old girl. Except for the whole "crush" and "boyfriend" side of things. But when the new boy comes to university, her whole world changes.


1. Intro- The Dream.

I walked through the twisted, old woods. I was looking for something, something I would only know when I got to it.

'Are you still looking? Please Lexie, give up!' I stumbled round. I tripped and my father caught me. 'Lexie stop now.' I looked into his eyes.

'Why? Why must I give up?' He looked at me. He turned. A blonde ditsy looking woman stood twirling her hair. He turned back to face me.

'You'll understand someday.' He looked at the blonde. Then ran after her whilst she giggled. I screamed.

'Shhhhh, honey darling, everything will be fine.' My mother was hugging me. I was crying. She was comforting me.

I sat up.

'Shhhh, honey darling, your fine! The dream again?' I return the hug she was giving me.

'Yes, always the same, but I was in a forest today.' She looked puzzled.

'Hmmm, a forest? Your father's never taken you to a forest.' I shrugged it off and stayed hugging my mum. 'School starts again tomorrow! Are you excited?'

'Yeah mum, real excited.'

'I sense sarcasm' I nodded. 'Pancakes downstairs hun. Get some before your brother eats them all!' I ran down the stairs.

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