Living The Dream?

I created this story for the purposes of a competition. I had to write a short story about having a famous boyfriend and as my actual boyfriend is in a band, I had some inspiration. I based this story around real events concerning my boyfriend and his band. However, I have gone beyond reality and considered how life would be like if they were to become famous. So, this is a story about how my boyfriend and his band became famous and what fame was like for them and how it effected our relationship. Hope you enjoy.


1. Living the Dream?

 I have been with my boyfriend, Sam, for a few years now. When we first met he wasn't famous, he was just an average teenage boy in the school band. Little did I know, this would all change. I remember seeing Sam performing on stage for the first time at a school concert, as the lead guitarist. They then went on to perform at Underseige, an event to showcase local bands. This is when everything changed for them. They began to be noticed by everyone in our area, clips of them performing were on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter; who'd have thought people would be this crazed over them? They performed at many more local events after that and became more well-known by the day. Girls went crazy over boys in the band, including my boyfriend. At first it was bearable, but then something even bigger happened. They were contacted by a music agency who wanted to sign them, accepted their offer and within a few months released their first single.

Everything seemed to be happening so fast, we couldn't believe it! I was so proud of them, especially Sam; I knew how much he wanted this. Since that day, everywhere we went, Sam would be surrounded by girls. This was hard for me, seeing Sam get so much female adoration, we couldn't even go to the cinema without attracting attention! Photographers snapping at every chance they got and journalists asking personal questions. At times it was fun, going to celebrity events with Sam meeting all the rich and famous people, but other times were hard and put stress on our relationship. However, this has always been Sam's dream and I will support him. I'm there for him backstage at every concert, at every event and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have seen him grow in confidence and live his dream. Although he's famous now and everyone else sees him as a big 'celebrity', to me he will always be the same boy I met all those years ago.

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