Being in love with a celebrity...

This is for the Bliss! Magazine competition. You cannot imagine how much I want/need to win. Ever since I can remember, this is the career I wish to persue. To win this would make my life... So any feedback... I'd love to hear it! Just don't copy.. not that you would. I have 0% faith in myself... so yeaaah :)


1. Story about being in love with a celeb...

 The sun was setting, and there he sat. Alone on the edge of the pier. He looked up at me and smiled; a cheesy grin that made me melt inside. I walked over and sat next to him, our legs dangling dangerously above the ocean... he took my hand and started gently swinging his legs in time with the soft breeze. I leaned into him, and he touched my back with the palm of his right hand. We sat like that for a while, until I leant up and he kissed me on the lips... it started to rain, and we both broke apart for air, and then we were falling into the lava together...

 I woke up; warm in my bed after another of the continuous dreams I’d seemed to be having nightly. Each morning I woke up smiling or kissing the air in result of the dreams. I always seemed to wake up much too early... school runs forever interfering, but this morning was a Saturday, my favourite day of the week, I’d lay in until 2:30pm just to see him in my dreams, but I awoke to my mobile ringing... “now that you can’t have me...” my 1D alarm always cheered me up. Except today.

   “Oh shut up!!” I screamed, throwing it across the room. Worried that my iPhone was broken, I ran to pick it up to see a massive crack had formed down the center. “Argh!”

 I looked at the caller iD. It was an unrecognised number so I accepted... just in case.

   “Hello? Is this Maddy?” The unknown asked.

   “Y-yes... who is this, may I ask?” I quavered, shaking.

   “Don’t you recognise me from your dreams? This, my friend... is Niall Horan.” I nearly died. The love of my life had called me?! I couldn’t believe it.


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