Dream world

I put it in the humour section, purely because I get told thats what my stories are. I don't know what it's about yet..but will update this when I do.
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2. How to Change a Life.

The van was moving too fast. I couldn't cope. My ears were ringing, my eyes were blurring, my nose was running and I felt shaky all over. At first, I assumed it was nervousness or just car sickness, but an hourinto the drive I hadn't thrown up once and my nerves would obviously always be there... they were in my mum too, but they wouldn't be that bad.

  "Mum... I-I .. don't f-f-feel too good..s-s-st-stop th-the c-car!" I stammered.

  "Oh. What NOW?"

   "I-I don't fe-feel t-t-too well..."

   "Look. I've had ENOUGH of your constant complaining. That's all you've done today. You're just nervous because of the huge move. I've got alot resting on my shoulders as it is,without you complaining about everything. The world does not revolve around you, Evie. It's high time you learnt that."


And I threw up all over the dashboard. That's when the airbag came out and hit me. Straight in the face.

------------------------------------------------------------------------*1 day later*------------------------------------------------------------------------------

   "Evie? Evie! Are you alright!?"

 I opened my eyes to find my mum staring down at me. I was laying down on something... I tried to sit up straight, but my arms were connected to poles. Lol whut? Poles? I looked over, and sure enough, there were pole things sticking out of me. Ew!

  "uggh" It hurt to talk.

   "Ssh, ssh. Don't try to speak. The doctor just went to get you some water, he said it was now abouts that you would wake up... Oh! Gosh, I've been so worried Evie...I thought- I thought you... you..."Now she was stammering.

 I put a finger up to my lips, telling her to stop talking. I was scared she was going to work herself into a coma! She instantly obeyed me, and shut up.

   "Patient 2928." A doctor came into the room,talking into his walkie talkie. It was only then that I realised my mum had said 'the doctor has gone to get you some water'. The DOCTOR. I was in a hospital.

 I guessed I was patient 2928 as he pushed my mum out of her chair and leant over to me, touched my hair with his palmand said,

   "How you feelin'?"

   "I was good until you got here." I muttered.

   "What was that, soz? You'll have to speak up like, I'm going a bit deaf innit. Haha!"

   "NOTHIN', BRO!" I shouted back at him, but I instantly regretted mocking him, because he was, presumably the only person I knew of in this room that could,potentially save my life. Even though I didn't know why I was here.Still.

    "uuugghh?" I still couldn't talk.

    "Oh yes! Your water. Here ya go! Gulp it and you are gon be right as rain, you. Mite not wana go lookin' in mirrors though, mind ya." Oh, he was soo getting a piece of my mind when I was well enough to talk.

  I took the water from him,gulped it down and screamed. The pain in my throat when I swallowed was horrifying! I felt like I was being burnt alive whilst being eaten. Like I said, horrifying.

    "Uh huh. Patient 2928, well rested, like. Voice box seems to be working, like."


    "EVIE! Do NOT call the only potential person who could save your life those sorts of names." Then she turned to Doc.Annoyance. "I'm very sorry for her behaviour. Might this be a side effect? I swear,shes never usually like this..."

   "Oh, theres like, really no need to say soz, most patients who come in like that end up being like that, innit, natural causes and all that, yeah. Well.. tells her to keep drinkin' that water, then she be right as rain yeah, you get meh?"

   "Yes.Sure. Thank you. I take it we can take her home now then?" She said, smiling at him. If I wasn't mistaken, there was a deffinate hint of a flirtatious stroke in her tone.

   "Not quite, like, she has had a stroke,innit."

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