Dream world

I put it in the humour section, purely because I get told thats what my stories are. I don't know what it's about yet..but will update this when I do.
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1. The move.

   "Excuse me? I am here you know... I'm also 15, mum. 15!" As usual, my mum was making decisions for me. This time, it was that we'd be moving 450 miles away to England. I temporarily lived in Ireland, and my life was alright here. By alright, I meant crap, but that would make my mum even more towards the move by telling her so.

   "Please keep quiety honey, I'm really busy at the moment. Leave it for an hour or so..." was her reply.

   "But we don't have another hour or so! You said in another 10 mins we'll be riding on that jet to England!"

   "Stop whining! Go play with your barbies or something..."

   "I grew out of them years ago, mum!" The truth was, was that I'd never really stopped using my barbies, I left them in my drawer for days when I couldn't go outside when it rained. It was my way of escaping my life.

  She walked away, and I felt, yet again, defeated so I started trampsing away when I heard my name being called.

   "Eviee! Yoohoo! It's meee!" My gran had a funny way of phrasing things, and for a woman of 67 years, she was running down the busy highstreet very fast.


   "You didn't think I'd let you go without a goodbye present did you? Here you go dear.." She handed me a purple, spotty giftbox. It was quite small, but when I held it, my instinct told me not to drop it.

    "Gran... I..."

    "Oh, stop it darl. I bought it off the market, what do you think I am, made of money? Hoohoo." She sounded pleased with herself so I went to unwrap it. "No! Your old fella's old fella told me to tell you not to open it until you got to Cardiff was it?"

   "Actually... I think it was Cambridge..."

    "Yes, yes.. Cambridge dear, well, just keep it tucked safely inside here until then, okay?" she said, whilst taking it out of my hands and placing it in my jacket pocket.

    "Yes, gran..." I was being sincere. Obviously.

    "Look here, don't miss me too much right?"

    "Wouldn't dream of it, gran." I smiled, I couldn't help it. Gran always managed to make me smile, through better and worse days.

 We hugged and when we broke apart, I looked over to my mum and saw she was carrying boxes into the delivery van. It must have just stopped recently as it wasn't there before.

 I went inside and looked in my room for my box. I only had one because my mum didn't like to spoil me and, even though my room wasn't too full to begin with, it now looked reaaally bare. Completely empty. Well, besides me and this box anyway. I picked it up, walked to the door and looked back at my room. It had lilac walls and a pale pink, laminate floor. I remembered all the memories I'd ever had in here, when my friend, Crystal came round and pulled all of my clothes out of my wardrobe because she was bored, when I spilt beetroot all over the floors and my white bedcover, etc.

 With a final sigh and wave goodbye, I walked out.



Authors note:

Hiya! Hope you like the first part of my story :) Tell me if you want me to carry on because otherwise, if no-one reads it or enjoys it, theres no point in me writing it ehe :') I won't be on all the time because my life= proper crappy..laptops gonna be banned and shizz..so yeah.:)<3

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