Running Free

Ana is about to get married to the man who abuses her, and she can't see a way out. She doesn't want to upset her parents or lose her friends - but does that really matter?

(I don't know why some words are on new lines, and I can't seem to fix it :/)


1. Happiest Day


Ana wiped her eyes, careful not to disturb any makeup.

“You nervous?” Maria asked. She was Ana’s best friend and bridesmaid.

“I guess,” Ana replied. It wasn’t exactly a lie – but she was more afraid than nervous.


It was her wedding day; the day that should be her happiest. But it wasn’t.  Sat in her beautiful white dress she felt anything but joy.  She was scare, and so incredibly disgusted with herself. Why was she going through with this? She could tell Maria right now and it would all be over. The only problem was that she couldn’t bring herself to, because she knew if she told anyone her life would be over. Her parents would disown her. Most of her friends would disappear too; they wouldn’t believe her when they idolise Jay so much.


Jay. The name sent a shiver through every vein. She hated that man and yet here she was about to marry him. About to make the promise that meant she had to spend the rest of her life with him. The rest of her life, spent as his prisoner, his punch bag, his slave. He treated her like an object – a machine whose only purpose was to satisfy his needs.


Ana tried to imagine what would happen if she ever conjured up enough courage to tell her parents about his abuse. She could picture her mother’s face; the same look she would get as a child when she was naughty. The look that made her feel like a disgrace, empty of all her mother’s love. She would have ruined her family’s reputation. And what if her family already knew, and just didn’t care?


Ana once brought up the subject of abuse with her family. She wasn’t planning on telling them, she just wanted to see their reaction.  Jay must have realised what she was trying to do, though, and decided there and then that they were going to be married. It wasn’t Ana’s decision. Why should it be?


Even Jay didn’t want to marry her, not really. If the wedding was mentioned when he was in a bad mood Ana paid the price, being beaten until he felt better. She would end up covered in bruises and it still wouldn’t be enough to change his mind. He was still adamant they would get married. The only reason Jay was going through with it was because he knew if he didn’t he’d lose Ana. He knew the second he untied her by calling off the wedding she would leave, and he’d have to cope alone.

She knew that was the only reason he stayed with her.


Her family were incredibly proud; the kind that thought appearance was everything. The kind that thought if you were being abused you should cope with it behind closed doors without making a fuss. Leaving Jay at the altar was definitely a fuss. And then came her friends, most of whom Ana only knew through him. They spoke to her, but if Jay went so did they.


Ana would lose her family and friends and she would make Jay really angry. Although, if she did get married the abuse would get worse. And her family didn’t really care about her. And at least her closest friends might stay, if they didn’t she could make new ones. A new life.


She’d made up her mind. She would tell Maria and then she would run.

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