There is something about the girl that just so happened to show up at Hogwarts, with a voice like velvet and looks that could kill, but what is she hiding?


7. Salt Water

        Her lips were dry and her eyes bloodshot, she felt like she had been chained in the stone room for weeks instead of two days. She watched the wooden door open and Draco walk towards her limp body.

         His eyes showed a flash of sympathy, but quickly turned emotionless. He pulled up the only chair that was in the room and sat down in front of the hybrid that was chained on the wall. He crossed his long arms across his broad chest then gave Muse a small smirk, "So, are you going to speak today, because I know you can."

         "Fuck," Her voice hoarse and dry paused before finishing her statement. "You."

Draco threw up his hands and gave her a smile, "She speaks!"

         Muse let her Mermaid accent free, for the first time since she had started to attend the school, "Let. Me. Go."

         He chuckled then got up, "I can't do that, but what I can do is let you out of your shackles."

         Muse's eyes brightened as Draco murmured a spell, making Muse fall to the concrete floor. She was too weak to move, so she just laid there motionless. 

         "Now," Draco stated as he hovered over her vulnerable frame. "I bet your thirsty."

          Her throat began tight at the thought of water slipping down the dry canal. She slowly rolled to her side to see Draco's large hand grasping a tall thin glass filled with water. Her mouth slowly became ajar as he lowered down beside her body and extended the glass out to her. In one swift motion, the water went from the glass on to Muse's long legs. Her fingers clawed at the concrete ground as screams of agony echoed throughout the small room.

        "Salt water," Draco stated proudly while he watched the skin on her legs become blistered and decayed. "Fresh water Mermaid's do not like salt water?"

         His rhetorical question sat in her mind, and all of her thoughts came together. "How do you know so much about Mermaids?" Muse already knew the answer.

        He sat back down on his chair, "Some odd girl researches them quite a bit, so as a guy, I used the only thing that would get her to tell me everything she knew about Merpeople," He smirked at himself then averted his eyes back to her.

        "Are you going to tell me how it is you became a hybrid?" He stated calmly.

        She laid on the cold ground and stared at the old blood stain that resided on the floor, "Are you going to kill me?"

       "If you do not tell me who you are, I may." 

       The only sound in the room was Muse's heavy breathing, and suddenly, everything around her turned to darkness.




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