There is something about the girl that just so happened to show up at Hogwarts, with a voice like velvet and looks that could kill, but what is she hiding?


3. Obscuro

His pale skin felt like it was being ripped from his skeleton and his grey eyes were slowly consumed with black, while the light blonde color of his hair faded into white. He stood up straight, breathing deeply, then hit the stone wall with his bare fist. "I must see her again," He spoke through his teeth before walking out of the room and through the corridors to find his mate.


The midnight wind danced around her naked body while small drops fell from the sky and landed on her ice like skin. Her scales began to reveal themselves from the rain. She stood atop the small cliff, and closed her eyes, whispering a spell. The dark color of her hair stripped it's self revealing the original blonde, and her large eyes turned back to the flawless blue that matched her scales on her legs. She streched her body towards the black sky.

Her body was then hit and lunged off the cliff into the Black Lake. She struggled beneath the objects grasp while her tail began to mold against her legs. She felt hands wrap around her waist, then her body was forced to turn to the person who had thrown her into the water.

"Draco," Her voice whispered into the water. His black eyes stared deep into hers and his veins pulsed under his pale skin.

She melted under his touch, forgetting the terrifing features that took over his face. Her thin fingers brushed along his parted lips. He swiftly grabbed her wrist. His voice sounded like nails against a chalk board as it spilled out of his dry throat, "Come with me."

Her body tensed under his touch as he grabbed her other wrist. She felt paralyzed as he drug her out of the lake and onto the grass. He placed her on the grounded and hovered over her, his white hair dripping with lake water. His black eyes watched her scales curl up into her legs. Her naked body laid beneath his. Her skin glimmered under the moonlight, and her chest rose up and down in a rhythmic motion. She placed her finger tips on the edge of his wet shirt and slipped it off his sculpted body. After she threw the shirt against a tree, she placed her hands on his back then brought her soft lips up to his. She parted from him and watched as his black eyes morphed back to normal, and his white skin and hair faded back to color.

His hands traced her curves and found their way to her cheek bones. He let his thumb brush across her smooth cheek, and watched her long eyelashes close. She felt his warm breath against her lips. Her body arched against his, begging for it to take her away.

The feeling of his moist lips fell on her hollow neck making goosebumps cover her tense body. A trail of kisses followed his lips as he made his way to her pulsing lips. He tasted of lake water and mint, but she didn't mind. The way his lips molded against hers was enough for her to melt into him. Her hands found their way to his toned back and her nails trailed across the muscles that tensed when she touched him. Her lips parted, letting his tongue dance with hers. She moved her hands to his damp hair and let her thin fingers twist through it, lightly pulling it. Her body pressed even more into his, making the kiss deepen.

She moved her lips to his ear and whispered, "To fan emrs." It didn't sound like the mermaid's language that resided in the Black Lake, with their screeching voices. Her voice, the goddess that lay beneath him, sounded like water sliding down velvet.

He didn't have to undertand her language to know what she was saying. Her body language was enough for him to know it meant, "I am yours".

She pressed her lips against his once more before taking off his belt and unbuttoning his damp pants. He slowly slipped them off, along with his boxers, and returned his lips to hers. Her arms and legs secured themselves around his torso before flipping his body, making him lay beneath her.  She could feel him grow against her thigh. Her eyes lowered and she adjusted over him. She lowered herself and felt him slip into her. Her throat let out a gasp and she threw her head back while her hands dug into his chest.

Draco's hands grabbed her hips and watched her body as he lowered and raised her body in rhythmic motion. With each thrust her mouth let out a low moan. Both of their bodies tensed and they fell against one another as they finished. The only sound that echoed around the Black Lake was their steady breathing.

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