There is something about the girl that just so happened to show up at Hogwarts, with a voice like velvet and looks that could kill, but what is she hiding?


2. Evanesco

The only noise in the dark empty hall were the droplets of water shattering against the cold concrete floor. She pressed her damp body against the wall, praying that no one would catch her wandering the halls this late.

"Ms! Could you please not lean against me?!"

She turned around to see a painting gasping for breath. "Sorry," She murmured to the painting before looking around the corner and dashing towards the Slytherin common room.

Once she stepped into the dimmed room, she felt the warmth of the fireplace wrap around her body. The warmth felt incredible, but she set that thought aside while she quietly walked up the stairs and into the girl's bathroom.

She peeled off the wet button up shirt that clung to her body and threw it towards the corner of the quiet bathroom. The water from the shower head sprayed out once she touched the rusting knobs. Her thin hands traveled to her beautifully sculpted torso towards her flawless face and down her long wavy blonde hair. The warm water coated her perfectly curved body.

After cleaning her whole body, she stepped out of the shower and into the steamed bathroom, her naked body wrapped in a dry towel. She sat on the tiled floor and looked down at her long legs covered in turquoise scales. Her eyes watched as the scales slowly curled up into her pale skin. A sigh of relief came from her pink lips. She got up and walked to the mirror that stood in from her. Her hands wrapped around her thin wand while her lips moved fast to cast a spell. She watched her platinum hair turn into dark brown. She then clothed herelf before walking to her dormitory.


Draco sat on the floor of the library between two large bookcases with books stacked beside him, and one in his large hands. His eyes scanned across the pages of the book he held. He let out a long sigh and leaned his head against the rows of books on the large book case. He let his heavy eye lids fall from the lack of sleep he had recieved the night before.

His eyes flew open due to the sound of footsteps that traveled down the aisle he occupied then stopped a foot away from him, in front of the Merpeople section. He watched as the girl, who hid under frumpy robes, scanned the books over the thick black rim of her glasses. Her curious expression turned to disappointment. She turned on her heel, but then she looked down at the books that surrounded Draco. A small sound came from the girl's throat, "Excuse me. Would you mind if I looked at one of those books? If you don't mind..." Her voice trailed off and her head stared at the ground. Her voice sounded familiar, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. He shurgged his shoulders and returned to his original position. He heard her shuffle beside him then grabbed a book from the pile beside his left side.

She finally looked at the boy who she sat beside, once she saw his marble face. Her mouth hung ajar and her throat became dry. She adjusted her glasses, which she only needed as a mask, to cover her beautiful face. She pulled the bun that sat on top her head tight, to make sure that her long wavy locks didn't fall out, and she prayed that the spell had turned her dark neon blue eyes to a shade of deep brown.

"What is your name?" She heard the boy, who had saved her from the Merpeople, ask.

A small smile crept across her face. "Muse," She stated proudly. Her name was the one thing she didn't have to hide.

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