There is something about the girl that just so happened to show up at Hogwarts, with a voice like velvet and looks that could kill, but what is she hiding?


1. Bubble-Head Charm

The water wrapped around his pale ankles and sent shivers up his spine. He stepped back from the Black Lake and listened to the chatter of teeth among the small crowd.

A small voice spoke over the chatters, "Students, listen up! I've brought you out here this morning to teach you all a charm known as the 'Bubble-Head Charm'. If used properly, it can be used to breathe underwater for some time."

The students referred to this charm as the 'Cedric-Diggory Charm', but none spoke up about their nickname for it. Once the whispers had died down, Professor Flitwick told the students the Charm and they all repeated it. The Professor watched the students walked into the Black Lake, but noticed a student behind.

"Mr. Malfoy, are you going to follow the others or shall I fail you for this assignment?"

Draco Malfoy murmured something under his breath and the bubble appeared around his head. He walked into the chilled lake, and began to swim under the depths. He followed the other students, but something caught his eye; a group of Merpeople attacking something. He said a spell quietly, and watched as the Merpeople scattered away from the thing they were attacking. He swam towards the motionless figure, and noticed that it was Mermaid, but she was beautiful, not like most Merpeople. Other than her long fish like tail, her upper body was that of a humans. Her hair was wavy and blonde that stopped above her shimmering tail, her breasts were bare and large, which were perfectly rounded, with almost white skin that glittered under the rays of sun that reflected in the water.

He brought his long fingers up to her plump lips just before her wide eyes flew open from his touch. His silver eyes locked with her large dark neon blue ones. She swam off from him, but she stopped to turn towards her savior. Her voice like velvet spoke into the dark waters, "Thank you."


Draco spat up the lake water as he gasped for air. He swam to shore, forgetting the yells of his Professor, and the sighs of relief from the students. He gracefully started to walked towards the castle, thinking of the beautiful Mermaid, that he had saved.

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