Madi, a fourteen year old has to move house, and with that come school. But popularity is hers, with one exception. Bella. Cancer struck Bella. What will she decide in this tale, of friendship, courage and reality....


8. The chase

     A year on, Madi had gained so much popularity. She'd moved to set B too, and become head student of Bailywood. For this, she was awarded with new clothes, just like Carla's. Life felt perfect, although she hated seeing Bella getting bullyed every day.

     She hadn't spoke to her since, but one lunch time the girls went over to her. Madi tried to tell the girls that Bella wasn't worth their attention, but it didn't work.'Haven't spoke to you in a while Bella. Hows the face coming along?' chuckled Amber.

'You know, I'm going shopping with my Mum afterschool. What do you do with yours Bella?'

'Tammy, she hasn't got a Mum, remember!' laughed Carla. The girls looked at Madi, for her to say something. She was heart broken at the cruel things they were saying.

     'Please Madi, not you as well' Bella begged;her face streaming with tears. Madi couldn't say anything, but they kept nugging her. Madi thought of everything Bella had told her, and she didn't want to be horrible.

'Oh come on Madi, you know her whole story!' Madi's friends sighed in dissapointment. 'Well, we haven't had a fight for while either...' said Tammy looking excited.

     Madi stood, almost crying herself, watching her first friend beaten to the ground, whilst no teacher interupted. She knew it was wrong, and she knew she had to do something about it.

'No! Stop this and leave her alone!' Madi exclaimes, looking the girls right in the eye.She helped Bella up, and it made her sickened. 'This is wrong Carla. She has cancer, her Mum died, her Dad left her. She's done nothing wrong, and nothing to hurt you, so why are you giving her all this grief!?' she said. Then, she got worried. The faces' of the girls were not a nice sight.                                                       

      'Do you know what we have done for you. This would of been you, if we hadn't come along!' raged Carla. She slapped Madi hard on the cheek. Madi knew now that her popularity was over, so she didn't stop fighting for Bella. 'You don't dererve me as a friend. You haven't done anything for me, apart from making me eat cereal bars for my lunch, and making me bully an innocent girl!' Madi shouted. She grabbed Bella's hand, and they ran to the school gates. They sped through the gates, and down the road, whilst the bully's, which were now Madi's enimies, chased them. They hid at another ally way. Bella was still crying, but was hushed so that they wern't found.


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