Madi, a fourteen year old has to move house, and with that come school. But popularity is hers, with one exception. Bella. Cancer struck Bella. What will she decide in this tale, of friendship, courage and reality....


7. Options...



     'Madi!' shouted a faint voice from behind her. It was Bella. 'Shh!' she said, and pushed her into an ally way. Tammy, Carla and Amber were at the bottom of the street. 'Just to be safe, now what do you want!' shouted Madi.

'I was just going to ask why you left me today. If you were there then I wouldn't  of got this scratch, nor this bruise. Why Madi!' Bella said, breaking into tears. Madi felt like she'd just murdered someone. She couldn't decide what she wanted in school. Popularity, which come with hurting her first ever friend. Or having to look after a girl half her size. Madi felt selfish, but she didn't want to be a loser at her new school. She had a plan, though.

     Madi explained that she wanted to be friends with everyone, not just her, but she couldn't be seen with Bella or she would probably get bullyed too. 'My plan is that I'll see you after school, whatever days you want' she said, hoping Bella would agree.

'How could you do this Madi. Your like everyone else in my world. Forget it all, at least you listened to my story' cried Bella, running away.

     Madi didn't know what to do, so she just had to move on.

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